Disaster Relief Updates

Sometimes people get mixed up on what CRF stands for.

Many people think the “C” is for children.

That is understandable since we focus so much on children.

Some think that our “F” stands for fun.

That is understandable because when you see our sign outside the building the last letter is sometimes covered by a shadow where it looks like Christian Relief Fun — and we do have a lot of fun around here.

But the “R” is pretty clear — it’s relief.  It’s true that people may forget that about us — but when there is a disaster, CRF brings relief.

Currently, CRF is involved heavily in four relief projects. If you are touched by the needs in one of these areas, we could really use the help.

Or if you just want to send money for relief, we will use it in the most needed area at the moment.  And we always need some reserve money for relief so we can immediately help in a disaster before the response money starts arriving.


Too Special to Open

I never could eat my chocolate Easter bunny. It was just too special. I would usually leave it in the box.

So I knew exactly how Isaac Silva felt.

Christian Toruno and Rafael Romero took me to the community around our CRF school called “Las Maripositas” near Leon, Nicaragua. That’s where I met one of our sponsored children — Isaac Silva.

Upon meeting him, he quickly ran inside his little house and brought back his Christmas present. He was so proud of it and honored to show it to me.

But it was still in the box. Why?

It was so special he simply couldn’t open it.

Esteban Valle, our director there, had bought Isaac a toy truck. What a great present! I remember an early Christmas in my life when I got a toy truck. It seemed like nothing in the world could have been better.

Well, we had to convince Isaac that it was all right to take the truck out of the box and play with it.

Where did the truck really come from? Esteban had purchased it. But he did so because Isaac’s CRF sponsor had sent money for a Christmas present.

I just wanted to share this with you so you would know that when you send money for a Christmas present—your child gets a present, your child gets a good present, and your child thinks the present is very special.

It’s not too late to send $10 for your child’s special Christmas present. And for every extra $10 you give, one more child will have a gift this Christmas morning!

Click Here to Send your Gift!

Singing in the… Desert?

As we were driving a Land Cruiser through one of the most remote deserts on earth, we spied a group of guys walking across the parched ground. We immediately wondered who they were. We thought that we should drive over to check them out—but then again—these men could be dangerous.

But we went over anyway.

As we got closer to them, they spread out and circled our car. Then they marched around it. It was pretty scary. As you can see in this picture, these weren’t the kind of people I saw walking around in Amarillo,Texas. It also didn’t help that they were carrying spears. (more…)

We Plant Churches Too!

As I finished speaking at a church the other day, someone came up to me and said, “And you plant churches too?”

Yes, we do.

When I speak, I guess I sometimes forget to mention all the churches we plant. Most everyone knows CRF is a relief organization. We help destitute children, and we drill wells where there is no water. But we are very holistic and don’t want people to miss out on the gospel.

Our greatest desire is for our sponsored children to grow up loving Jesus.

I tell so many stories about Francis Bii and his dynamic work with children in Eldoret, Kenya. But did you know that his ministry has planted over 70 churches in the last 7 years?

You have heard that we have drilled a lot of wells in theTurkana region of Kenya. In fact, we have drilled over 70 wells in the last couple of years.  But did you know that we have also planted 29 churches in these areas where we have brought water? (more…)

Orphan Sunday

On Sunday, November 8, Christians worldwide will be standing for the orphan on Orphan Sunday.

As Christians, we are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress. Because you support CRF, we know that you care deeply for the cause of the poor and the fatherless. Could you encourage your church or group to join us in remembering and supporting the world’s orphans on November 8th (or on the closest available day)?You could do this by encouraging your minister to preach a sermon on orphans. Asking members of your small group to sponsor a child that has no family. Or inviting some friends over for Sunday dinner to pray for the orphans of the world. To help you organize your event, we want to send you a resource packet including Orphan Sunday literature, CRF brochures, and Child Sponsorship Promos.

Just let us know by filling out our online form.

Your prayer and support can do big things, because we serve a big God who is a Father to the fatherless.