The Impact of Clean Water

We have been overwhelmed by the prayers and support of our donors to have helped us drill more than 75 wells in Kenya. You have enabled us to bring clean water and the Living Water to those in desperate need! As you read the following stories of impact, join with us in thankfulness for what God has already done and in prayer for the millions more who still lack access to clean water.


The 1000+ Masai people in this area have not had access to clean water ever since their hand dug wells dried up more than 10 years ago.  They were walking many miles for water and every attempt to dig for more water was unsuccessful. Once we started drilling, we understood why getting water here was so difficult.  The terrain is very rough.  The town is very remote.  And the geology makes finding water very difficult.   But we are praising God that, through all of the trials, we were able to find plentiful water at Miton that has no risk of drying up!

Chepkongony High School

Chepkongony High School helps orphans and vulnerable children escape the cycle of poverty through education. It was a great school, but it had a big problem. There was no water available on campus! Students were having to leave their studies to fetch water from up to 3 miles away. Now there is plenty of water for the students and the surrounding community of more than 600 people. The students now have more time for their studies and no longer miss school due to illness from drinking contaminated water. The whole community is praising God for His great gifts! (more…)

What I Needed Was Always Here

Luke was his name.

He was an elder of a tribe in Barwessa. He had asked me to sit down with him and have some tea. I thought it might be safe — especially since we had just drilled for some clean water. Luke had some things on his mind. He wanted to have a little talk.

I first knew of the dilemma of Barwessa the day I heard that kids there were eating rats. They had no other food because they had no water. It was a big famine.

Only the rats were surviving.

CRF drilled six water wells in Barwessa. Then we planted a church. And we started a school. Things were indeed looking up. Luke wanted to talk about it.

“What I needed was always here. I just didn’t know it until you came,” Luke said.

He explained that the water was always right below his feet. It was exactly what he needed. But he simply didn’t know it was there. He didn’t know until we came and drilled the wells.

“What I needed was always here. I just didn’t know it until you came,” Luke said.

And then he further explained that God was always there too. He just didn’t know it. It wasn’t until we came and told him about Jesus that he found exactly what he needed.

He thanked CRF in Jesus’ name over some clean water. He said, “I’m so glad you came!” - Milton Jones

Hope lives in Samabul

We’re happy to share this update from our mission team currently visiting CRF sponsored children in Kenya!

Our team traveled for two hours across unpaved roads, rocked back and forth by the endless movement of our matatu. We waved at shrieking children as we passed by in our packed van, and we eventually arrived in a village that is the origin of our director in Eldoret, Francis Bii.

Samabul is a rural region. Without a car, the distance to the city of Eldoret is incredibly difficult. Most people survive by farming small pieces of land, even quarter acres. When crops fail, there is nothing.

Before sponsorship, children are often expected to continue the path of their parents – working the land with no hope or possibility of even the most basic of education.

But the children at Living Hope Education Center in Samabul, Kenya have truly found hope. Approximately fifty children at this school are sponsored through CRF and have regular access to nutritious food, basic medicine, clothes, and schooling. The children attend church and learn about how much Jesus loves them.

There is reason for celebration at Living Hope! The students sang and danced for us. These are children who are well-fed, well-dressed, healthy and working hard in their education. Sponsorship has transformed their lives. Our team played games with them, sang songs, and listened in thankfulness to their impressive knowledge of memory verses from an early age. Many of the children are orphans who thrive on hugs and genuine “I love you’s.”

Sponsored children in Samabul with their new pencils!

But the school still has its struggles. There aren’t enough buildings, so in 4th grade children must go to a much lower-quality public school, move away to a private school, or drop out. The church building is unfinished. However, because the children are in school now, there is hope.

While we were there, a widow named Helen accepted Christ as her Savior. Her children have been sponsored for 6 years now and the faithful church in Samabul has steadfastly reached out to her with the love of Jesus.

With the Gospel spreading like wildfire through this school and this community, there is true living hope to be found in Samabul: the hope that comes from Christ.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team!

Stopping on the Side of the Road

Do you remember that VBS song “Roll the Gospel Chariot Along?” If someone is in the road, what do you do? You stop and pick him up. That song could have been written about Moise Toussaint.

Moise Toussaint is our CRF director in Cap Hatien, Haiti. He takes care of 600 children, directs an old folks home, preaches at a church, does welding and even leads a marching band for children.

Here’s how I first met Moise. Shortly after the Haiti earthquake, I arrived to help with the disaster. We were driving a huge truck from Port au Prince to Cap Haitien to get medicine and tents. It was a twelve-hour drive through mountains and bandits on some of the worst roads imaginable. By the time we got to Cap Hatien, we had been robbed. We were lost and on the side of the road.

A man on a motorcycle saw our dilemma. And he stopped to help us with directions, maintenance and encouragement. After a bit, we introduced ourselves to each other. To my amazement, it was Moise, our CRF director. It was my first time to Haiti, and I had not met him yet. And he had no idea who I was when he stopped to help. He was simply a Good Samaritan.

On a more recent occasion, Moise and his wife, Altagrace, were on a street in Cap Hatien when they saw a couple ride by on a motorcycle.They had a little child on the bike. A little while later, they noticed that the child was wandering around the streets. The adults were gone. They had just dropped the child off and abandoned him.

Once more, Moise picked the child up. They took him to the police, but they were not able to find out where he came from. In the end, Moise and Altagrace adopted him. His name is Wilkens, and he is the cutest kid you have ever seen.

Moise just keeps picking up abandoned and misfortunate children in Haiti. Our work there has grown by hundreds during the last year. And a bunch of them need sponsors.

Would you stop and pick up one of these children for sponsorship?

- Milton Jones, CRF President

Can a Pig Change a Life?

Do you ever wonder what happens to those animals you buy in our Christmas catalog? Well, one pig was bought last year for Jacqueline Toruno, the cook at our CRF school overseen by Freddy Gonzales near Managua, Nicaragua.

But the story doesn’t end there.

With Jacqueline’s first pig, she started a tamale business. (The pig provided the makings of tamales.) After selling the tamales, she used the proceeds to buy another pig. But there was some extra profit remaining, so she bought 200 bricks for a future house. This cycle has continued eleven times. Jacqueline has now bought 12 pigs turning them into tamales and bricks for her house. She now has 2000 bricks!

With another 1000 bricks, Jacqueline will have enough for a house. It will take just over a year until her house is built, and then her pig profits will be available for other things.

If you bought a pig, you probably didn’t think you were starting a business. But all pig purchases don’t work out in the same way.

The family of Diego Silva, a CRF sponsored child, was given a pig. But the pig caused injury and created unsanitary conditions. And then Diego got extremely sick. When Diego got sick, the pig had to be sold to pay for his medical expenses and save his life.

We asked Diego’s dad if he wanted another pig. He said that pigs just had not worked out well for his family — except for selling them to save Diego. But he said that he dreamed of raising chickens. Chickens are a lot cheaper, and a bunch of donors had already given us money for Christmas to buy them.

Christian Toruno, one of our CRF directors in Leon, bought him some chickens and taught him how to raise them. Pigs didn’t make a hit with the family—but chickens were the ticket. Now Lorenzo Silva, Diego’s dad, has a great new business raising and selling poultry. And after just a few months, Lorenzo is on his second cycle. Yes, he has sold his original chickens, bought more and has some profit to help his family.

Start the Cycle.  Give an Animal!