Graffiti on the walls. What do you expect? It’s Mexico. There are gangs around. There are drug cartels in this place.

And what would you expect the graffiti to say? Gang names? Bad words? Not CRF, that’s for sure.

Yet if you go down the streets of Saltillo, you might find the unexpected. There’s a big graffiti version of CRF on the wall.

Where did it come from? Why is it there?


House on Fire

As Bobby Moore was giving a short-term mission group a tour of the Town Square in Saltillo, a tour guide approached him and asked if he could show them around. After guiding them around the huge cathedral in the center of the city, he asked Bobby if they would like to see anything else. Bobby explained that he wanted to be taken to the barrio where the poorer people lived so that they could help them. It wasn’t the usual tourist site, but he obliged them.

Upon arriving at the barrio, the group found a house on fire. Bobby and his group quickly assembled a bucket brigade to extinguish the flames. (more…)

Nepal Earthquake

UPDATE: 5/19/15

By now our disaster relief team has been on the ground in Nepal for more than a week.  We wanted to give you an update on our work and let you know our plans for the coming months.


The team has been very busy visiting rural communities outside of Kathmandu that are not getting the same level of care as larger cities.  They are hard at work treating the sick and injured, counseling children and delivering food and clean water—but most of all they are bringing hope.


We want to thank our donors because Nepali lives are being saved and transformed for the glory of God.


As we further assess the damage on the ground, it is evident that it will take many years for Nepal to fully recover.  Church buildings have been leveled.  Children who had already lost their parents have now lost their homes when the earthquake destroyed their orphanages.  And entire communities have been affected by the severely damaged infrastructure.


So while CRF is still actively supporting the relief effort, we are beginning to shift our focus to rebuilding homes and churches that will be able to withstand future earthquakes.


Our short-term plan is to provide tin roofing sheets to 1,000+ families.  Heavy rains will be coming in the next few weeks and we want families to be protected even if their homes are damaged or destroyed.


After we provide for the urgent needs of these families, our goal is to help rebuild the communities of Tikabhairab and Goldhuga where the church buildings along with many homes were destroyed.

The estimated cost of rebuilding each church is $7,000. And each 2-room, 10ft. x 20ft. brick house will cost $4,000.


Nepal is out of immediate danger, but the enormity of the destruction is sinking in.  As the media moves on to the next story, Nepali children and families are still left with nothing.

Can you help us rebuild?

Donate to our Disaster Relief Fund To Help Earthquake Victims


Just two days ago, Nepal was struck with a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake.  Since that time we have watched the death toll rise steadily to more than 4,000 souls with no sign of slowing.

Tens of thousands have lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods.  And UNICEF has announced that the quake has left nearly 1 million children in need of humanitarian aid.

The situation is terrible, but we have been amazed by the outpouring of love from our CRF donors who are asking us for ways they can help the earthquake victims.

Chito Cusi our CRF director in the Philippines, was in contact with Nepali missionaries immediately following the earthquake.  We have learned that one of the greatest needs at this moment is for trained medical professionals.

So we are wasting no time in sending a medical response team along with emergency relief supplies to Kathmandu.

Chito will be leading our response team in their work to provide medical care and counseling to the wounded and sick for as long as necessary.

The team will also work with local Christians to provide temporary housing, food and water to those who have lost everything.

The impact of this earthquake cannot be overstated.  But we ask you to continue praying for God to bring peace and hope to all those affected. The earth may shake, but His unfailing love cannot be moved.

Help victims of this disaster.

Donate to our
Disaster Relief Fund


World Water Day

Every year in March, the UN hosts World Water Day.

It’s a day to celebrate water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. And it’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.

Thanks to the provision of God and the support of our donors, CRF has been able to provide clean water wells to tens of thousands of people over the last few years. Our drilling rig in Kenya averages a new well every week. And wherever we provide clean water we also preach the Living Water: Jesus Christ.

We are humbled that God is using CRF for such an important work. And we anticipate the great work He will accomplish in the future.

But as we celebrate the huge impact made in bringing water, we also remind ourselves that the work is not finished. There are still 748 million people in the world who do not have access to an improved source of drinking water.

Please join us in prayer for those in need of clean water. And help us share their needs with your family and friends.




Bad water and malnutrition. It seemed to be the source of Lopei’s polio.

Lopei Chudang had a series of tragedies. She lived in the village of Nadabal where it hasn’t rained in nearly seven years. In the midst of one of history’s greatest famines, Lopei also lost her husband. And she had seven children. It was extremely difficult to support her family, and then the unthinkable happened—her polio affected her foot to the extent that it prevented her from walking. And it also prohibited her from working.

Her situation looked hopeless. But then two incredible events happened.

Her little village in Kenya received a water well from Christian Relief Fund. Now, at least, she and her family would not die from thirst. But it was not enough. She needed some nutrients for the children and herself.

And seemingly, out of nowhere, Lopei got a goat. Some students from West Texas A&M had a Give-a-Goat project with CRF, and Lopei was the receipient of a goat. This goat provided the milk that was the only nutrition to keep not only Lopei but also her children alive.

“The goat is a blessing from God!” Lopei declared.

And now the goat is about to have a kid. Where she barely had enough milk for all her children, now she will have enough. And to make matters even better, CRF is giving her another goat to start a business where she can work again. She will be selling nutritious goat milk in her community. And her children will now be able to go to school.

Water is such a big deal. A well can save thousands of people. One goat seems like such a little deal. But one goat saved the lives of eight people. You can give a goat for only $50. A well takes a little more. Invest in lives however you can.