Kids Can Help

All you need is a good idea and a big heart!

Here are some of the ways kids across the country have made a difference at CRF… What could your family do?



Prescott Valley Christian Church

Based on a dream of long-time CRF donor Jan Northam, teens from the Prescott Valley Christian Church set out to drill a water well in Africa as proof of their faith (John 13:34-35).

They only had twelve in the youth group, but that’s all Jesus had too. Through prayer, God blessed them with a collection of 7,000 pounds of clothes, all kinds of household goods for Goodwill, and a yard sale. Local news and radio started covering the compassionate fundraising of the teens of Prescott Valley.

In the process of this great project, Jan Northam passed away due to a brain aneurism. To honor her life and this dream, her friends and family gave money to her dream of this well. When all was said and done, the youth group had over $5,000 and didn’t even need matching funds! Through their faith, God provided not only a well but also clothes and supplies for the poor in their community. And in January they completed another project that raised $900 to help drill a well in Haiti!




The Cherry Family

After seeing the news of the devastation in Haiti, the Cherry children — Corban (12), Anna (10), and J. D. (7) — of Lynn Haven, Florida decided to raise money for the victims.

The CRF newsletter in December told them just how they could help. They wrote an informational letter to send to their friends and family explaining the homelessness, cholera, lack of medicine, food shortage, and even deaths because of the hurricane in Haiti.

They decided to sell Christmas ornaments that they made from wooden squares painted with the colors of the Haitian flag. And the ornaments had a cross on them to represent that Jesus can make a difference there. I know Daniel and Rachael are very proud of their children. I am too. Thanks for the hope you have given in Haiti!




The Kriete Family

The Kriete kids just keep on giving. A few years ago Eric and Cassie Kriete of Mechanicsville, Maryland decided to scale back at Christmas. Santa would only give each of their four children three gifts, and then they would each be given $50 to spend on someone else.

The first year they bought mosquito nets, chickens, school supplies, and a goat through a Christmas catalog. The next year their 8 year old, Brayden, wanted to help with water. Mom thought he meant a $250 filter so all four kids (Eleni, Landen, Addi, and Brayden) could pool their money and buy one. But, no, Brayden was talking about drilling a well. God does big things through the Kriete children.

They made cookies, raked leaves, fed farm animals, created cards, and sold toys. The local media picked up the story, and money started coming in from all kinds of places. They knew that CRF had matching funds to help, so they were able to drill a well in Chemurgui, Kenya.

Because of the water there, a church and preacher training institute was planted. The kids learned that even further expansions could happen in that community if they only had a solar pump for the well. Nothing stops the Kriete kids. They did it again this past Christmas by making pasta sauce, selling socks that benefitted hospitalized children and the homeless, and much more. Now there is a new $6,500 pump plus a lot of new animals in Chemurgui. Way to go!!!




Singing Hills Christian Church

Vacation Bible Schools are great! But maybe they can have an even greater purpose. That’s what Mike Heisler and others thought at Singing Hills Christian Church in Hillsboro, OR.

They wanted the children to learn about missions, but they especially wanted them to learn about the mission to the poor. The children needed to learn that others in the world did not have everything that we have.

CRF was asked to furnish information on helping orphans and the need for clean water. And children attending VBS didn’t just study missions—they were on a mission! By the end of the week, they not only had learned about poverty, they had also done something about it. Through their giving and fundraising, there was not only enough money for one well to be drilled, but for a second one! Some of Singing Hills’ adults were so challenged by the children’s giving hearts that they said “We can do another one,” and they did! Thanks a trillion!


Moses—What a Difference a Sponsor Makes

A young Moses in his early days at the CRF program in Liberia

It couldn’t have been a better promise. As Andrew Brown and I were dining and talking with three CRF students in Liberia, they wanted to say “Thank you!” for their sponsorships. And then Moses said, “I promise to spend my life being faithful to Jesus and changing the country of Liberia.” The next morning I looked on the front page of the Monrovian newspaper. And there he was. Moses was standing with the president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He had been chosen by the President for a special fellowship to help with the government’s top priorities ­—agriculture, health, education, peace, and security.

Gondah Moses Zolue didn’t begin his journey with the president. In 1990 when Liberia was experiencing one of the worst civil wars in human history, Moses had fled to northern Liberia working in paddy fields hoping to avoid the rebels who were kidnapping children to make them enslaved soldiers. At seven years old when he should have been in elementary school, he was running away and farming.

When Moses turned 14, his uncle brought him to Monrovia where he was able to attend the CRF school called Ford— Madden Academy led by Arthur David. Shortly after the move, his uncle and family abandoned him. But all was not lost because Tyson and Meredith Browning sponsored Moses.

He said, “I was glad to have received this CRF sponsorship because it served as a beacon of hope when I needed support the most. I relied on it for everything from shoes to school uniforms to daily meals.”

His relationship with CRF didn’t stop there. He received a scholarship from Christian Relief Fund to attend Liberia’s best institution of higher education, Cuttington University. Moses was awarded a Bachelor of Science in General Education there.

After graduation Moses began working for the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture. His next stop was Ghana where he received a Masters degree in Plant Science at the University of Ghana.

Moses today - a Ph.D. Student at Texas Tech University

And now Moses is at the best university in the world (well, at least my alma mater). Yes, Moses is pursuing his Ph.D. in Soil Fertility and Environmental Chemistry at Texas Tech University.

I’ve never heard such horror stories as the civil war in Liberia. Charles Taylor, the leader of the rebellion, was arrested for crimes against humanity. To survive the tragedy was amazing. To excel through it like Moses was phenomenal. And it wouldn’t have happened without CRF and the Brownings’ sponsorship.

Moses is keeping his promise. He is loyal to Jesus. In fact, he is a part of the campus ministry I used to lead decades ago at Texas Tech.

And he will change the country of Liberia through the development of soil science in his home country. - Milton Jones





2016 Year End Letter

2016 was a great year!  If you haven’t read our Annual Report yet, you can find it here.

Here is a year end letter from our President Milton Jones.


CRF President Milton Jones

How did 2016 go for CRF?

In many ways 2016 was our best year ever. CRF now has more works than ever before. In fact, Christian Relief Fund is located in 96 different areas with child sponsorship programs in over 20 countries and helping in over 30 countries. We are sponsoring 7,306 children in a full-time capacity but helping many thousands more through feeding, disaster relief and providing education. Indeed we are helping more orphans and destitute children than at any time in our history.

We drilled more water wells than any year previously. In fact, we drilled 69 water wells during the last year. Most of our wells were drilled in Turkana, Kenya where it hasn’t rained in many years. We followed our drilling rig with a church planting team and tried to plant a church after every well. Obviously, you can drill a well faster than you can plant a church—but we were able to plant 11 churches in this one area of Kenya this year! Since our drilling is in the desert, we periodically give our drillers a rest from the heat and exhaustion. During these times, they go to southern areas of Kenya where orphans need water. This last year has also brought a great need for water in Haiti. After the recent hurricane, flooding compromised many water sources. As a result, people were getting cholera from their past water wells. CRF has gone into many of these areas, especially where we have sponsored children, and drilled new wells to give pure water.

The good news is that we had matching funds for every well we drilled in 2016. This means that donors can drill a $10,000 well for only $5,000. And the better news is that we have matching funds again in 2017 for water wells!

Research says and we have found that sponsoring children and bringing fresh water are the two best ways to break the poverty cycle. We’re proud to be working heavily on these two issues. (more…)

Year End Giving

Can you believe that you can change a child’s life for $35 a month? Did you know that you could bring a water well and a church to a group of people for $5000? Are you aware that 92% of the money that you give to Christian Relief Fund actually makes it to the program to directly help children in need?

And you probably didn’t know that CRF needs your financial assistance more than ever before.

I’ve never met a more pleasant or smarter young man than Aron Chabon. He was number one in his class at Emmanuel Namunyu High School in Bungoma, Kenya. But his dad died. Without help, Aron was not going to be able to continue his education. In the midst of AIDS, poverty, famine, and war—Aron just couldn’t seem to get a break. But one of you came through for him. Now the brightest kid I know is going to have a chance to do something great. Thank you for the children you serve in Jesus’ name!

2016 was a tough year for relief agencies. The media didn’t cover disasters and poverty much because of the interest in the elections. But even when you didn’t hear about it—the problems of the poor persisted.  Today more than ever we need a lot of financial help to save the Arons of this world.

Could you make a year-end donation? I know it is a good time for tax reasons, but it is also a good time because our needs are greater than ever before. Your support means so much to us—and to children around the world.

Thanks a trillion times! Milton Jones, CRF President

P.S.  Your gift, big or small, brings smiles just like this one on Aron’s face when I told him he was being helped.


 Make sure we receive your gift in 2016!


or visit our Giving Page for info on mailing your gift

(just make sure it’s postmarked on or before Dec. 31st)

The Salvation of Suresh

If this letter from a sponsored child doesn’t make you glad you support CRF, we don’t know what will!

I am Suresh. My parents suffered heavy debts raising cotton on leased land to pay the debts. The moneylender took my father and mother to North India to work on a road contract. I was stopped from going to school and made a cattle herder. My friends didn’t come near me because I smelled of cattle dung. My friends went to the fields to cut and carry grass to my master’s house. I washed buffaloes while my friends listened to their teachers.

I thought my happy childhood was over. One day a cow went missing, and my master tied me to an electrical pole and beat me mercilessly. Hearing my wails, the village officers got me released. He informed my plight to the housemother at New Horizon Cottage at CRF in Chandrakal. By lunchtime the next day, I came into the care of CRF. I ate a full meal after three months. The next day I went to school. Madhava Reddy taught me to play cricket. Sister Thulasi taught me to sing. I learned action songs.

Every night I was told stories from the Bible. I came to know about Jesus. I personally feel He untied me from the electrical pole that day and saved me. I feel his love through CRF, my sponsors, and my new mom and dad at New Horizon Cottage. Whenever I go to my village, I tell them amazing stories I learn from the Bible. At home I help my younger brothers with their homework and school projects. With your help God willing I will be a Hindi language teacher in three years time.

Had CRF and my sponsors not helped me, Suresh the herd boy would have been herdsman Suresh. Praise be to our Lord for this new life.

May God Bless You, Suresh 

Sponsor a Child like Suresh