Going the Extra Mile — Milton Jones

We so often say that sponsors save children’s lives. And they do. But it wouldn’t work if there weren’t people in our CRF office and on the other end in the far-off country to take care of the child. I’m so impressed with it all—CRF has great sponsors, CRF has great supervisors in the office, and CRF has great directors in the field.

Let me tell you how this works. Brian Omondi was two years old when his father died. If that wasn’t bad enough, shortly after the death of his father, his mother was sentenced to life in prison for murder. No one knew what to do with Brian. As a result, his relatives dumped him at the gate of our Lakeside Orphanage near Kisumu, Kenya.

Quickly Kevin Wasner, our executive director at CRF in Amarillo, started working on the situation. The incredibly sad story was posted on Facebook. Within minutes, Kevin’s daughter, Lauren Prugh, and her husband, Conrad, sponsored Brian. And now Brian is a healthy six-year old thriving in the safe and spiritual environment of Lakeside Orphanage.


But one thing was missing. With no parents or extended family, Brian was lacking a place to go during school breaks. As a result, Beatrice Apondi, who not only took care of him at Lakeside, also decided to take him home with her when it came time for any holidays in the school year. It’s like Brian was one of her own kids.


Don’t you love the way CRF works? A child is abandoned. A CRF person in Amarillo starts doing something about it. The next thing you know—the child is sponsored. And then there is someone taking care of the child like the child belongs to her. And this is happening thousands of times all over the world.

Thanks Kevin! Thanks Lauren and Conrad! Thanks Beatrice! Thanks CRF! And thanks Brian for being such a good kid!

Christmas Around the World – Milton Jones

I love Christmas. It just seems so sad that a child might not be able to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. To make sure that none of our CRF children miss the holiday or a gift—we try to remind donors to give a gift now in order to help us have Christmas around the world.


I don’t get to see all of our kids at Christmas, but I try to make it a tradition to get to Piedras Negras, Mexico. If you get to Piedras Negras in December, you will experience one of the greatest celebrations around this globe. My son, Patrick, and I have gone regularly to experience the Christmas Party at Piedras Negras.


You may wonder what happens when you send a Christmas gift. If you do, I can assure you from my experiences in Piedras Negras that good things happen. Jair and Lorena, our directors, throw a big party. Food, food and more food are at this festivity. Pinatas hang from overhead. There are gifts galore from sponsors. Members of the Montgomery Avenue Church of Christ in Albuquerque even send extra presents so everyone will have the best Christmas possible. Entertainers come—acrobats, musicians, magicians and more. And there is quite a bit of orange to go along with the green and red. It’s kind of a CRF explosion of hope into the traditional Christmas spirit. Parents and guardians come. Neighbors come. The problems of a Mexican border town are quickly forgotten in the joy of the season.

It’s one of my favorite events of the year. I love it, in and of itself, but it makes me remember that this kind of event is happening all over the world thanks to you!

Can you help make sure every CRF child receives a Christmas gift this year?
Every $10 you give will give a gift to one more child!

Orphan Sunday

On Sunday, November 13, Christians worldwide will be standing up for the orphan on Orphan Sunday.

As Christians, we are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress.

Because you support CRF, we know that you care deeply for the cause of the poor and the fatherless. Could you encourage your church or group to join us in remembering and supporting the world’s orphans on November 13th (or on the closest available Sunday)?

You could encourage your minister to preach a sermon on orphans, ask members of your small group to sponsor a child, or invite friends over for Sunday dinner to pray for the orphans of the world.

To help you organize your event, we want to send you a resource packet including Orphan Sunday literature, CRF brochures, and Child Sponsorship Promos. Just let us know via one of the methods mentioned below.

Just let us know by filling out our online form.

Your prayer and support can do big things, because we serve a big God who is a Father to the fatherless.

Hurricane Matthew – How You Can Help

UPDATE: OCTOBER 12, 2016 – 11:00 AM

One week after Hurricane Matthew passed over Haiti, the death toll has surpassed 1,000. Thousands more are injured. And now another problem is endangering everyone in the country—cholera.

Haiti already had one of the highest cholera rates in the world before the hurricane, but the massive flooding caused by Matthew’s rainfall has amplified the spread of the waterborne disease. Many hand dug wells have been contaminated and are no longer safe for drinking.

The World Health Organization is sending 1,000,000 cholera vaccine doses to Haiti in an attempt to prevent a larger outbreak.

CRF is now focusing on providing food and clean water to those who no longer have a safe water source in Haiti. As the flooding continues to recede, we are preparing to begin drilling new water wells for those whose hand dug wells have become contaminated.


UPDATE: OCTOBER 7, 2016 – 2:00 PM

We have received an update from our team in Cap Haitien, Haiti. All of our sponsored children in Haiti are safe and secure. Hurricane Matthew did not directly strike this area, but heavy rain from the storm caused the river to rise over its banks and destroyed many homes and farms. Please continue praying for those affected by this disaster.


Category 4 Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti early this morning with sustained winds of 145 mph. This is the first major hurricane to hit Haiti in more than 50 years. In a nation still rebuilding from the 2010 earthquake that killed nearly a quarter of a million people, this blow we are expecting this storm to be especially devastating.

Haiti is largely deforested and, with the storm expected to drop up to 2 feet of rain on parts of the island, flooding and mudslides are likely to be a problem. High winds will destroy homes and buildings which are typically made from mud and stick or weak cinderblocks, even after the hurricane has passed, Haiti will most likely see a big rise in cholera cases due to flooding.

Our team is already on the ground distributing clean water and food and working to provide immediate shelter for those who have been displaced.

The people of Haiti are already vulnerable, but this hurricane—and the flooding and disease in its wake—are going to make matters worse.

Here’s how you can help:

 1 – Pray.  Prayer is the most pressing need for those who are in the middle of this storm.  We encourage you to pray for protection, peace and hope for everyone affected.  And to ask God how He would have you help the victims.

2 – Give.  The second biggest need is for monetary support. We need your help to purchase clean water, food and other relief supplies that will be used to bring help and hope to those impacted by this devastating natural disaster.

3 –  Tell your friends.  Because of our long history working in Haiti, CRF is positioned to provide the maximum amount of help to the victims of this disaster—especially orphans and the elderly. Encourage your friends to give so we can increase our impact. You can even share this blog post with them on Facebook.

4 – Stay Informed. Over the coming days, we will continue evaluating how best to move forward with our relief effort. There will be more needs that become evident as the country begins to rebuild.  Keep in touch with CRF via our blog so you can be aware of the most current needs and opportunities to help.

Give Now to Help Hurricane Victims


Mother of Naomi

Emily Whelchel is our Kenya Programs Director. Here is her story of seeing her CRF sponsored child, Naomi.

When I saw my sponsored daughter, my world stopped. Naomi has been in my life for a year and a half now. I get her letters twice a year, a new photo of her to hang on my wall with my other family photos, and I even get a report card so I can see how she’s doing in school. I chose to sponsor Naomi because I knew there was a reason God was putting her into my life. I knew I could support her through school.

“Welcome Emily, mother of Naomi,” the children at the CRF school sang. Everything was bright with orange, the color of HOPE for AIDS orphans in East Africa—the school uniforms, streamers, and even the buildings—all orange. My eyes searched the faces of the singing children. And then I saw her.

Naomi crashed into me in a hug that lasted for two or three minutes. This child’s photograph had been displayed in my home and my office at work for one year—and here she was, smiling in my arms, a real and familiar child that Jesus loves.

Hand-in-hand, Naomi and I walked the mile to her guardian family’s mud hut. The Kenyan landscape around us was beautiful, but I cannot imagine walking this rough dirt road multiple times a day. Shiny school shoes protected Naomi’s feet—once, not too long ago, she walked this road barefoot.

There isn’t a lick of furniture in Naomi’s hut. Not a chair, not a bed, not a table. She and her guardian family spend most of their time outside, cooking what food they can get. In their native tongue, Naomi’s guardians explained that their life has been blessed by CRF sponsorship. Naomi isn’t hungry anymore. And the family has been tremendously blessed too. These guardians care for 7 orphaned children on Mt. Elgon—they are Christians and even though they are elderly, they believe it’s their responsibility to help orphans.

Naomi used to be hungry and sick from parasites caused by unclean water. But today Naomi smiles and laughs with her friends at school. She is healthy, she is well-fed, and she is receiving the education she always wanted. Best of all, Naomi is being taught about Jesus every single day.