Out of the Dustbin

You know what sponsorship means to you. But what does it mean to a sponsored child?

Do they truly understand what you are doing? Are they grateful?

I recently heard Loureen, a sponsored child in Kenya, express what sponsorship did for her. I think it will make you even more glad to be a sponsor! - Milton Jones, CRF President


Today is a wonderful day in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for sponsoring me.

I came from the dustbin.

When I was first taken to the orphanage in 2002, I got my sponsor. You gave me a school uniform. You paid my school fees.

If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I would be now. I came from a poor family that never managed to take me to school, so I joined the street children. I picked food from the dustbin in order to have something to eat. I walked barefoot, with torn clothes. Nobody in my neighborhood would look at me when I passed near them.

When I was sponsored, my life changed from a street girl to a smart student. My dream is to do well in my studies until I make it into the university. After completing my studies, I pray that God will enable me to sponsor other children like how you have sponsored me.

May God bless you and guide you in everything you do. Sponsors, I appreciate your kindness. - Loureen Kwamboka, Kitale, Kenya

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Thankful for my Sponsor

We think you will love this talk given by Elina, a sponsored child at Oasis of Hope High School in Kisumu, Kenya. The prayer, friendship and financial support that sponsors give their children make an impact that is impossible to overemphasize. By helping children find their talents through education, sponsors give the lasting gift of hope!

A sponsor is someone who agrees to pay money to support a person so they can succeed and reach higher heights in education and talent. Sponsorship impacts the lives of students in three ways.

EDUCATION. Many people go to school through the support given by CRF sponsors. In most cases, after they finish their education, they give back to society. Sponsorship has shown me that no one can tell me I can’t succeed. I have grabbed this opportunity to get an education and make good use of it. I won’t look at where I came from and say I can’t do great things. I am determined and I know what kind of life I want to live in the future. Students, when sponsorship gives you the chance to be educated, do your best so that you will become a great person.

TALENT. Through sponsorship, so many people have been able to establish their talents. They have been nurtured and shown how to earn a living through their talents and abilities. People in my community often give up because they feel like they are useless and cannot see any hope. When someone steps in to support them and believes these students can make it in life, they can really go far. One day these sponsored children might be recognized internationally by their talents.

HOPE. Every day, people lose hope and do not think they can make it anywhere in life. These people are widows, orphans, and the less fortunate. Sponsors are here to help them. CRF was established in 1971 with the aim of giving hope to the hopeless. (more…)

Girls Count Too!

We were so humbled to hear thanksgiving from Elizabeth, a sponsored child in Kitale.  Sponsorship helps all children know that they are loved by God and they are valuable because they are His children.

Sponsors, I want to thank you.

It is not easy to sponsor somebody you don’t even know. It has really cost you a lot. Thank you for your academic support. I never knew I could have gotten an education because I came from a very humble background.

CRF sponsored me when I was very tiny and shaggy. Today I am very smart, just because of your concern for me. My guardians couldn’t provide for my needs, especially because I was a girl.

As a girl, the only time I have been really cared for was because of you, and I am very thankful. According to tradition, girls are not as important as boys, but thanks to you, you have made us be valued. Thank you very much and may God bless you. - Elizabeth Njeri, Kitale, Kenya

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The Impact of Clean Water

We have been overwhelmed by the prayers and support of our donors to have helped us drill more than 75 wells in Kenya. You have enabled us to bring clean water and the Living Water to those in desperate need! As you read the following stories of impact, join with us in thankfulness for what God has already done and in prayer for the millions more who still lack access to clean water.


The 1000+ Masai people in this area have not had access to clean water ever since their hand dug wells dried up more than 10 years ago.  They were walking many miles for water and every attempt to dig for more water was unsuccessful. Once we started drilling, we understood why getting water here was so difficult.  The terrain is very rough.  The town is very remote.  And the geology makes finding water very difficult.   But we are praising God that, through all of the trials, we were able to find plentiful water at Miton that has no risk of drying up!

Chepkongony High School

Chepkongony High School helps orphans and vulnerable children escape the cycle of poverty through education. It was a great school, but it had a big problem. There was no water available on campus! Students were having to leave their studies to fetch water from up to 3 miles away. Now there is plenty of water for the students and the surrounding community of more than 600 people. The students now have more time for their studies and no longer miss school due to illness from drinking contaminated water. The whole community is praising God for His great gifts! (more…)

What I Needed Was Always Here

Luke was his name.

He was an elder of a tribe in Barwessa. He had asked me to sit down with him and have some tea. I thought it might be safe — especially since we had just drilled for some clean water. Luke had some things on his mind. He wanted to have a little talk.

I first knew of the dilemma of Barwessa the day I heard that kids there were eating rats. They had no other food because they had no water. It was a big famine.

Only the rats were surviving.

CRF drilled six water wells in Barwessa. Then we planted a church. And we started a school. Things were indeed looking up. Luke wanted to talk about it.

“What I needed was always here. I just didn’t know it until you came,” Luke said.

He explained that the water was always right below his feet. It was exactly what he needed. But he simply didn’t know it was there. He didn’t know until we came and drilled the wells.

“What I needed was always here. I just didn’t know it until you came,” Luke said.

And then he further explained that God was always there too. He just didn’t know it. It wasn’t until we came and told him about Jesus that he found exactly what he needed.

He thanked CRF in Jesus’ name over some clean water. He said, “I’m so glad you came!” - Milton Jones