Give the Gift of Hope

Yes, it’s only October, but in just a few short weeks, Christmas Eve will be upon us.

Children all over the world will climb into bed, force their eyes shut and anxiously await Christmas morning — wondering what gifts will be waiting for them under the tree.

But can you imagine being a child and not getting a present? It happens all over the world. But CRF is trying to do something about it.

At CRF, we get the joy of giving gifts to over 5,000 children every year! This is one of the most exciting things that we do. And we want you to join us!

Every year, every child in the CRF program receives a $10 gift at Christmas.

While this might not seem like much, it is the first gift many of our children have ever received. Their faces light up with joy and for just a moment, the weight of their circumstances is lifted. They know someone cares enough to give them a present!

By providing a free gift for a needy child in the name of Jesus, you are bringing hope into some of the most hopeless places in the world. You are telling a child that they are not alone – someone cares. And most of all, that their Heavenly Father will always provide for them.

Could you give a little extra this holiday season to make sure our children have a little extra hope this Christmas morning?

Every $10 you give will fill another face with a hopeful smile!


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Kenneth Vaughn – A CRF Legend

What do you do with the rest of your life?

If you are 67, it’s about time to rest and retire—unless you are Kenneth Vaughn. Then, it is time to go to Africa.

Certainly, all of us want to end well. And that is why we need to pay attention to the life of Kenneth Vaughn.


Our Kids Give Back!

CRF kids may have a lot of things that don’t go their way. But they quickly learn that everything doesn’t revolve around them.

No, they are created by God to help others too. As they have been helped—they want to help others.

Maybe no CRF work displays this more than our Saltillo Mission in Mexico where Audrey Burnett had been directing camps for children. Not only have they been experienceing learning the Bible, history, spelling, arts and crafts, science experiments and games—they have also been serving others.

Whether it is going around the neighborhood collecting more than 60 bags of trash or going to the dump and helping children who don’t have enough to eat and aren’t yet sponsored—our children are growing up to serve like Jesus!

A Day in a Life in the Ebola Crisis

— Thoughts gleaned from experiences of children in Monrovia, Liberia.  —

I am so glad to be in school!

I will never forget the day Arthur David came to me and told me I was sponsored by CRF. I would now get to go to Ford-Madden Christian Academy.

Ford-Madden is one of the best schools in Liberia. To me, it is the best. Not only do I get an education—I also get food to eat.

I come from a poor family. My father was killed in the war when Charles Taylor took over the country and became president. I also lost my brother to the conflict. Taylor kidnapped him and made him a soldier even though he was just a kid. He used him to be a killer to help take over the country.

But now we have a new president. She is better. In fact, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf got the Nobel Peace Prize. Charles Taylor got charged with crimes against humanity.

But we also got Ebola. (more…)

The Sharks

The Sharks are ALIVE and WELL!

A popular doowop singing group from Amarillo, Texas is making the rounds again in Amarillo, Dallas and soon to be Midland.

They are an entertaining a cappella group full of fun, nostalgia, and harmony. Back in the day, they even opened up for Bill Cosby.

The Sharks are singing again to prove they are ALIVE and helping CRF by drilling water WELLs.  If you get a chance, go listen to them or do what they are doing—creatively doing something to bring water to people in a famine.

If you want to help a Shark get further into water, help us drill a well!  

We hope the Sharks inspire you like they inspire us!

What talents do you have that could be used to give water to those in need?