Hurricane Florence Relief

At this very moment, Hurricane Florence is battering the Carolinas. Many thousands of people have lost their homes due to lashing winds and massive flooding. More than 500,000 people are currently without power in the region. Water rescues are underway and many lives are at risk.

And, unfortunately, it’s likely to get even worse. Hurricane Florence is a very slow-moving storm, and it is forecasted to continue dumping an additional 3 inches of rain every hour for at least another day. The flood waters are continuing to rise and the human impact is truly shocking.


florence rescue 2.png

The areas affected by Hurricane Florence need our help.

CRF is immediately responding to this disaster with our partner the Disaster Response Team (DRT).
Large response trailers are currently staged to enter the affected areas as soon as emergency officials allow us to enter. We will begin distributing relief and support as soon as it is safe for our teams to do so.


In the early stages of our response, we will be providing clean water, food, showers and housing to hurricane victims around some of the hardest hit areas.

As the catastrophic flooding subsides, we will assess the situation and decide where we can make the biggest long-term impact by helping repair and rebuild the homes of people who have lost everything to this catastrophe.



The best way that you can help today is to donate. Your gift will be used immediately to get our team in place and to provide immediate help with water, food, and other short-term needs. You can donate here.  As relief for these basic needs become less dire, the team will transition to helping clean up and rebuild in the most affected areas. Please give today.



Your friends and family may be looking for ways to help the people impacted by Hurricane Florence. Share our social media posts to encourage your network to get involved.


God hears our prayers. Please join us in praying for safety and peace for all those affected by this disaster!


Give Now to Help Hurricane Victims

What a Difference a Name Makes!

The Club — Drinking alcohol and fighting were about all that was happening in a town called “The Club.” It was named after what is commonly known as an “elder’s club,” which is a stick with a big knot on the end of it that is perfect for clobbering someone over the head.

Francis Bii, our CRF director in Eldoret, grew up in this village in Kenya. His parents gave him alcohol for his breakfast every morning. There was so much unnecessary violence in this community that the nearest hospital in another town refused to take care of them.

The chief brewer and the source of all the booze was William. The mischief of the village stemmed from his influence. In the history of the community, Francis Bii found the Lord, and his first church plant was in The Club. To everyone’s surprise, William began to attend this church plant. Next, he gave his life to Christ. His family also started going to church. And now he is an elder at the church there. And his son, Patrick has become our CRF director in Tarakwa.

The entire town followed William’s direction and cleaned itself up. The name of the town now has changed. It is no longer called “The Club.”

It is now “Samabul” meaning “fruitful.”

CRF now has a wonderful school in Samabul for orphans and destitute children. And last month we opened a new dining hall and kitchen at our school.

Names mean a lot.

And the stories behind names even mean more.



Nakwei — Usually I call this place “Nakwei.” The town is in the African desert of Turkana. Nakwei means hyenas. It refers to all the hyenas that show up to eat dead animals and people who have died of thirst. This is the worst drought in my lifetime.

The real name of this place in Turkanan is Alyanaakiar which means “streams of death.” Everything was dying in this place.

CRF recently drilled a water well here, planted a church, and built a school. This all resulted in a name change.

The new name of this town is Aiyanaigaton which means “streams of life.”

That’s what you CRF donors do—change a stream of death into a stream of life. Thanks a trillion times!

- Milton Jones



What’s in a Name?

It seemed like an easy question to answer. At least it was for me. Jared Odhiambo was asking all of the students at Alara High School, “What’s his last name?”

Really, it hadn’t been that long since I was there. But they couldn’t remember it exactly. So they all yelled out—“Milton Hope.”

Nope, it’s “Jones.” But if I were changing my name, that would be a good choice.

As you probably know, I always wear orange. It is the color of hope for AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. And I was wearing an orange shirt with the word “Hope” on it when Jared asked. Hope means that you have a joyful anticipation of the future.

Maybe it seems unlikely that AIDS orphans would have a lot of hope or think they have a bright future. But hope means that you think your power is bigger than your problem.

If you think your problem is bigger than your power—you have no hope.

If you think your power is bigger than your problem—you have hope.

And these students have been taught everyday by their CRF teachers that they have the power of the Resurrection in their lives which is bigger than any problem they face.

Whether it is through spiritual knowledge, food, water, or education — CRF is bringing hope to thousands of children not only in Kenya but around the world.

“Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”
— Proverbs 23:18 —

All of us get disappointed when people can’t remember our names. But if you can’t remember “Jones”—“Hope” will do.

— Milton Jones



Indonesia Earthquake

More than 430 people have died from the earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia. Thousands more have been injured.

350,000 people have been displaced from their homes because of the destruction. Nearly 75 percent of residential structures have been destroyed in northern Lombok because of poor construction that was unable to withstand strong tremors.

Since CRF is a relief organization, we are always concerned about disasters. But this one takes on a special significance to us.

Patrick Jones, the son of our president Milton Jones, and his family live in Indonesia. Although Patrick’s home is in Jakarta, he ministers frequently in Lombok.  The church where he serves when he is in Lombok has been demolished and many members have lost their homes.

CRF is helping to restore Lombok, Indonesia.

If you would like to help these Indonesians, please

And don’t forget to pray for this horrible situation!

Verna’s Goat

Have you ever looked back and been able to pinpoint one thing that seemed to change everything else? Maybe it was a job opportunity in a new city, a chance meeting with an old friend, or a word of encouragement spoken at just the right time. A day that starts off like any other can become the day that—when you look back years later—changed the course of your life.

Verna, a sponsored child in Kenya, has had one of those experiences too.

And it came in the form of a goat.

Verna joined the CRF program in 2012. At just 10 years old, she had already lost both of her parents to AIDS. She was living with her elderly grandmother and young sister in a small hut with no electricity or running water.

Verna (R) with her grandmother and little sister

Verna’s life already took a major positive turn when she got sponsored. But then her sponsors went a step further and decided to buy her a goat!

While a goat might seem like a relatively small thing, to Verna and her family it represented a life-changing opportunity. The milk from the goat could provide extra nutrition for Verna and her sister. And the excess milk could be sold in the market to purchase other items the family needed.

Verna was very responsible and worked hard every day to take good care of her goat. And after a couple of years, she had saved enough money from selling her goat’s kids to buy a cow!

This cow has already produced a calf, not to mention a lot more milk than her goat! The profits from extra milk alone have been enough for Verna’s grandmother to pay for all of her school fees.

This has allowed Verna to move on from our sponsorship program so another child in need could be sponsored. Amazing!

We are so proud of CRF children like Verna who work incredibly hard to nurture the opportunities that have been given to them.

Verna will soon finish high school and her future is bright. We can’t wait to see what she does in the years to come!

It is so inspiring to see how God multiplied the blessing of a goat to completely transform Verna’s life! A small investment of $50 can make an impact that is felt for years to come!