It’s Not Over Until…

… the orphans are sponsored.

What did you think we were going to say?

The number of new cases of Ebola in Liberia is down. There was only one new case last week.

School is going to start again this week. Hopefully, the economy will finally take a step forward.

CRF has been thanked over and over again for the part we played in helping the victims of the Ebola crisis. And we did play an important part in bringing relief for the glory of God. But it’s not over.

MacAnthony Siaker, our CRF leader in Croezerville, reminded us of the tragedy that people are forgetting. When this many people have died, many orphans are left behind.

Building orphanages isn’t always the best option. But we need to start one in Croezerville for the many Ebola orphans we are now serving there.

We’ve all heard a lot about the Americans who gave huge sacrifices to help in Liberia. But we also don’t want to forget the names of the Liberians like Jeremiah Cooley. Jeremiah was a CRF teacher who died of Ebola along with his wife. They left four orphans behind.

Our dream is to build a place for many of these orphans who were left behind.

Liberia is not going to be in the news like it was. We are going to hear that the crisis is over—but it’s not.

It’s not over until. . .


Be Like Casey

I was going into a gorgeous building at Ole Miss.

It was on one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen.

Casey Coston told me that Kelsey Raymer and Kelly Litzelfelner and some sorority girls from Alpha Omicron Pi wanted to talk to me about drilling a water well in the Horn of Africa.

So I walked into the sorority house.

I expected to talk to a few members of the chapter. But to my surprise—all of them were there. It looked like there were a hundred people sitting on the floor. They listened intently. They asked questions. And then they gave enough to drill a well.

They wanted to help girls who didn’t get to go to school because they were carrying water all day.

And then Casey took me to meet William Kneip of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Once again the whole fraternity was there. I’ve never seen a group of guys more respectful and interested. They listened and asked incredibly insightful questions. And then they staged a fundraiser to drill a well.

Next Casey and I went to see the president of Ole Miss—David Jones. He loved what we were doing and encouraged us to enlighten students and show them how they can make a difference in the world. He wanted students at Ole Miss to learn all of those important lessons of life that you might not learn in a classroom. We went to thank him for the opportunity, but he thanked us even more for being there.

From there, we went to Alpha Omega that houses the campus ministry where Casey ministers. It didn’t take long to notice all the pictures of CRF children on the wall and around the coffee bar. And then there was a table to sponsor new children. These students love CRF. They go to our children’s work in Cap Hatien, Haiti every year to help.

Next Casey had me speak at his church. More orphans were sponsored.

Then Eric Dahl, one of Casey’s elders, hosts an annual bicycle ride to raise money and awareness. More children in Haiti and Uganda were sponsored.

Since then Casey has preached at other churches where even more children were sponsored. When I heard him speak at the Campus For Christ conference last year, he spoke about how CRF can help your campus ministry.

Casey doesn’t work for CRF. But Casey works for CRF.

I wish everyone could be like Casey. It’s like he talks about CRF everywhere he goes. He brings CRF into environments where you might not first expect to receive a lot of help—but they do help.

We have a lot of children presently who need sponsoring. I’m going to do everything I can to help. But I’m confident that we will get new children sponsored, old children sponsored again, and bring even more water to areas of drought.

It’s because Casey is out there… And so many others like Casey.

Be like Casey because Casey loves children like Jesus does.



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Hey, I Lost My Sponsor

I got a friend request on Facebook the other day. I couldn’t believe who it was. He certainly didn’t seem old enough. And how in the world did he get on a computer? I remember him as a little kid. I remember him as an AIDS orphan at the Lakeside Orphanage outside of Kisumu, Kenya. But now he is grown up. Now he has a job. Now he is able to talk to me on Facebook.

His message was simply a message of gratitude. And he wanted to know about the well being of his two sponsors. Yes, two sponsors. He was thankful for both of them. I knew both of his sponsors. One was family. One was a friend.

My son Patrick sponsored Lawrence when he was a student at U.N.L.V. It was a great time as Patrick tried to get students in the dorm to sponsor CRF children. He had a goal to see each wing of his dorm sponsoring a needy child together. Patrick gave Lawrence frisbees, footballs, and friendship. But after Patrick went to about five different colleges and just as many different countries—something went wrong. Patrick thought he was still sponsoring Lawrence, and so did I. But between changing credit cards, addresses, and continents—Patrick’s payments didn’t get to us.

When it happened, one of our great friends from Seattle, Frances Palmer, noticed the unsponsored child and began sponsoring Lawrence. After all was said and done, Patrick now sponsors another child and Frances continued to sponsor Lawrence. And Lawrence is grateful and loves both of them.

Sometimes things happen and a child who was sponsored becomes unsponsored. We really don’t want a child who has already experienced the grief of losing a parent to lose a sponsor too.

So here’s what we do. If a child becomes unsponsored, we don’t drop them. They still eat. They still go to school. We just have to cover them out of our general funds. But it is hard to do this for an extended period of time.

As soon as a child becomes unsponsored, we try to get them a new sponsor as quickly as possible. But if we get too many children unsponsored at one time or for a long time, it becomes financially difficult for CRF. Now is one of those times when we have too many unsponsored children.

Could you help us? Maybe you can sponsor another child.

Or perhaps you could become an advocate for one of these children and see if one of your friends might like to save a child.

And if any of your credit card, address or financial information with CRF changes, please let us know. When you are issued a new credit card or something changes with it (like an expiration date), your child sponsorship can be affected.

I am so thankful for the longevity of CRF sponsors. Rarely do people drop their sponsorships. And if it happens, it is usually accidental.

So from all the kids—Thank You!!! – Milton Jones

2014 Year End Letter – Milton Jones

2014 was a great year!  If you haven’t read our Annual Report yet,
you can find it here.

Here is a year end letter from our President Milton Jones.


CRF President Milton Jones

When I think of 2014, I will always remember it as the year of WATER for CRF. We have drilled wells in the past, but last year was different. We were so graciously given a rig in 2013. But 2014 is the year we truly became a full-fledged water ministry. In fact, our water ministry has a name—Hope Water International. During this last year, we drilled nearly a well a week. Over 40 wells were drilled in areas of the Horn of Africa where it hadn’t rained in around seven years. And we didn’t have a single dry hole in places where so many people told us there was no water. And our donors came through! When we started, it took $20,000 to drill a well. With our rig, it was reduced to $10,000. And with matching funds, we were able to drill for $5,000. We now have renewed matching funds going into 2015 to drill even more wells at a lower price so more people can donate to help.

But what rocked the world in 2014 also rocked CRF. One of the greatest disasters in recent history came this year. Ebola hit Western Africa. CRF helps as much as possible in disasters. We did so this year in Pakistan and the Philippines—but nothing caused more of a stir for us than Ebola. Certainly, Ebola is incredibly deadly with no cure. We would have wanted to help anyway. But the greatest target for the disease was Liberia, and CRF was already in Liberia with three works. We have an extremely big and academic school in Monrovia called Ford-Madden Christian Academy. We also have a school for deaf children in Monrovia. And we take care of orphans in a school and orphanage in Croezerville. When the crisis hit Liberia, schools and businesses closed. People went into isolation. There wasn’t an economy, which meant there was no food available for most of the people. As a result CRF not only devoted itself through our many Liberian workers to education for prevention of Ebola but also to distributing food for the hungry. The disaster is not in the press as much as it was, but it is not over. And CRF will continue to help and make lives a little bit better in the midst of the crisis.

But when it is all said and done, CRF is mainly about children.

We help children in around 30 countries around the world. 6379 children are supported full-time in child sponsorships. These children are fed, housed, clothed, educated and given spiritual training. But many more children are helped through CRF. In fact thousands of others are alive, getting an education, and being helped through feeding and relief programs.

CRF has dozens of schools around the world. All CRF children get to go to school through their sponsorship. But thousands of other children also get to attend our CRF schools and get an education with Christian values. Most of the schools we have started have been primary schools. As our children have become older and smarter, they need more secondary schools. We developed three new high schools in 2014 and hope to do three more in the coming year. We have learned that if we build our own high schools the costs are lower and we can keep the same fee structure.

CRF makes things a little better in so many areas that I have trouble remembering them all. If you are sick in Kisumu, Kenya or Hyberadad, India—you will find help in one of our clinics. If you are in the middle of the Turkanan desert, we will probably give you a goat. If you don’t have a Bible to read, CRF will give you one even if you are in one of the most remote areas of this world. If there is no church near you, CRF will plant one. If you are a widow in Haiti, you can live at one of our rest homes. CRF does a lot of things to make this world a little better.

If you want to experience greater meaning and see how you can help make the world a little better, Bobby Moore will take you to Honduras, Nicaragua, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, India or someplace else where CRF is helping the helpless.

2014 was our best year ever. More money was given. More disaster relief occurred. And more children were saved!


Coming Home to CRF

Brandon back at school

To quit or not to quit? That was Brandon’s dilemma.

There are upwards of ten million teens in Mexico that have decided for one reason or another to stop going to school. And when they do—problems like unwanted pregnancies, drug use or even drug trafficking can be right around the corner.

Why would a kid quit? It could be to start working. Maybe a child’s family can’t handle the costs of sending their child to school. Or it may simply be that the child doesn’t see the hope of a better future with or without an education.

That’s why it is so exciting that Brandon came back! He was one of our first sponsored children for CRF in Saltillo, Mexico. But he quit school at the age of 12. Now two years later, he has decided to come back. We have him in a program that helps dropouts catch up. And now three other former CRF kids have followed his example and decided to do the same.

We are often asked why a child who is sponsored would quit school or leave sponsorship. And it is so sad when they do. We know it upsets and saddens any sponsor. But the temptations to quit are extraordinary in places of poverty. When you haven’t seen many success stories, it is hard to believe that you could be one of them.

If you have a sponsored child, could you encourage them to stay the course—finish school, keep going to church, and make good choices? We rejoice that Brandon has come home. We love second chances. And we rejoice that so many have seen the hope of a bright future and chosen to stay with CRF.

When you invest in CRF, your sponsored children are real children who face real temptations and life choices. That’s why it is so wonderful to see the opportunities of a good decision like that of Brandon!