David’s Story

Emily Whelchel is a member of the CRF blogging network.  She wrote the following story of struggle and redemption and we’re excited to share it with you!
Emily blogs at www.emilytheperson.com 


Let me tell you a story about a family living in a small village a few hours outside of Eldoret, Kenya.  It began almost five years ago.

Helen is a widow.

Exhaustion was evident in her eyes as she gathered her youngest children to come outside and meet my dear friend Barbie and me.  We were looking for children that would match with CRF’s sponsorship program: partial or total orphans, children who were in desperate need of support.  Helen’s family sure seemed to fit this description. (more…)

Don’t Play with Matches

“Don’t play with matches.”  It seems like your mother told you that a million times when you were growing up.

Why didn’t his mother give him the message?
Because he is an orphan.

Should he have known anyway? Probably so, but nevertheless, the boy played with matches and the CRF orphanage in Benjamin, Haiti burned down.

Benjamin is a place of extreme poverty. CRF has 137 children there. We praise God that none of the children were hurt.

This is the place where we just got the water in “the Deep Hole” story of a few months ago. But the new well was too far away to get a bucket brigade and save the building. We lost beds, clothes, books, uniforms, and pretty much everything else with the building.

It’s a sad situation in an already needy place. But this event was just one bad thing that happened in the midst of all kinds of good. Children in Benjamin are being housed, fed, educated, and getting great spiritual training under the leadership of Alfred Princilma. We need to get this blessing for the children and the gospel restored quickly. And we will.

Could you help us rebuild the Orphanage in Benjamin, Haiti?


Give a Goat

As I looked across the desert, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. Yes, I was looking at a man who was wearing a Texas Tech shirt. Texas Tech is my alma mater, and this guy wasn’t with me. I was in a remote place in the desert of Turkana trying to help with the famine there.

What in the world was he doing there?

I introduced myself and said, “Are you from Tech?”

Not only was he from Texas Tech, he was a professor there in the animal science department. His name was Dr. Mark Miller.

Dr. Miller explained that he was in this area of Kenya because there had been an immense number of children dying in Northwest Kenya and Malawi because of a unique form of malnutrition. He was trying to research the problem and come up with a solution.

He proceeded to tell me that this particular area was the only place where the children were not dying. I asked him why this place was different.

He said, “Someone brought a bunch of goats here!”

He further explained that the type of iron needed for these children to stay alive was being received from these goats.

“Where did all these goats come from?” he asked.

That’s a question I could answer. I told Dr. Miller about the Give-a-Goat campaign that takes place at West Texas A & M University and how they raise money every year for CRF in order to bring goats to this area. (more…)

Meet Evelyne Akinyi

We are excited to introduce you to the staff members at our Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and Health Clinic in the Nyalenda Slum of Kisumu, Kenya.

Each of them has chosen to work with the least fortunate members of that neighborhood out of love and compassion. Their belief in Jesus Christ compels them to take on this responsibility. They could easily take their education and training to another hospital or clinic in a better setting, but they choose to work here, with CRF. It makes a huge difference to the community when it isn’t just a job for these workers. (more…)

Giants Come in All Sizes

Janeth Moncada was a special woman of God and my sister in Christ.

She lived and worked for CRF in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Janeth lived to serve her God above all else.

I was honored to attend her burial service on January 23rd, not far from the neighborhoods where she worked tirelessly for children and families through CRF for 29 years. She was a wonderful mother to her own and hundreds more children who received her love, correction, training, and encouragement over the years. (more…)