Along with our ongoing water and famine relief projects in Kenya, Christian Relief Fund has also been busy fighting this horrible famine in other regions of the Horn of Africa. Dr. Dane Welch, one of Milton’s good friends in Amarillo and a board member of Crisis Aid, has been a key partner in distributing this relief outside of Kenya. We are not able to disclose the exact location of this project to protect our team on the ground.

The food that CRF donors made available in this region has brought help and hope to many hundreds of families. Indeed, it has been a life saving partnership with Crisis Aid. Not only are people being fed, but people from all different backgrounds are also finding salvation in the name of Jesus through this work.

In addition to the feeding program, Dane helped to open a 40 bed pediatric clinic and to begin construction on a remote health outpost. Water wells are also being drilled in five of the communities to improve the health situation there.

Thank you, Dane, for all your great work for the glory of God!

Thanks a trillion, CRF donors! You have made this life-saving work possible!