We’re Putting Libraries in Students’ Hands!

Imagine a school with no books. This might be difficult for you to fathom — How can students learn without books? But for students in developing nations this situation is all too familiar. In Kenya, many students are lucky to have one tattered textbook to share with 6 other students. They stay late into the evening copying the content by hand into their personal notebooks — a process that leaves little time for actual study or understanding of the material. This scarcity of textbooks is a huge roadblock to learning, but we are happy to announce an exciting new solution to put an entire library of books in each of our students’ hands! CRF has just been approved by WorldReader to be a partner in their efforts to put… Read more »

Our New Kenyan High Schools!

In the past, sending our sponsored children to high school has been a difficult issue for CRF.  (Click this link to find out why.) But this year CRF has been blessed to find solutions to our secondary education issues in Kenya. Our 3 largest programs in that country now have high schools for our sponsored children.  Here is some more information about our new schools!

Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis is one of our greatest CRF legends. When he was in primary school at the Ring Road Orphan’s Day School, the Kenyan government tried to shut down this school with the putdown that AIDS orphans weren’t smart and our school in the slum was not up to standards. Our school was made to jump through all kinds of hoops until the ultimate challenge came one day. The government made all of our students take the national achievement test to prove the academic inadequacies of our children. There was one problem for the educational powers that be in Kenya — they underestimated Elvis.

UPDATED: Pray for Emmanuel

UPDATE – MAY 31 After over 2 months of setbacks, Emmanuel finally had surgery for his thyroid cancer yesterday.  His family has reported to us that the surgery went well and Emmanuel is awake and alert. The next step is radioactive iodine treatment.  Emmanuel will begin this treatment in the coming days. Please keep the Namunyu family in your prayers.  We are hopeful that God will heal Emmanuel.   UPDATE – APRIL 8: Last Friday we asked  you to pray for Emmanuel Namunyu, the founder and director of Eruli Children’s Center in Bungoma, Kenya. Emmanuel is a man who has given his life to helping orphans.  And now his life is at risk due to thyroid cancer. We let you… Read more »