Does CRF Work?

Well, we certainly believe CRF works. And we’re sure that you think it works. But every once in a while, it is nice to have some confirmation and validation. There have been two recent articles written that evaluate works like CRF (especially child sponsorship). We wanted to let you know what they said in case you didn’t see them. The BBC News published one of them, and Christianity Today wrote the other. More than nine million children around the world are sponsored by organizations like CRF, and these recent reports have determined that sponsorship indeed does improve children’s lives.

My Favorite Beauty Pageant

This is a guest post from CRF President Milton Jones. You can read all of his posts on his blog, Through Orange Colored Glasses Katherine looked beautiful. She was wearing a pink dress, and she even had a big white bow to go with it. She was wearing a sash to make her look like Miss America—or should I say Miss Kenya. They had built a little runway for her to walk down (kind of like a beauty pageant). Actually, they brushed the dirt a little bit, but it was effective. Katherine was the last one. Other boys and girls from our school in Eldoret preceded her down the runway. But she had the privilege of being the finale. And… Read more »

Precious Letters

I have been traveling with a group from Preston Road Church of Christ this week. We have done some cool stuff, met some wonderful servants, and we have seen one amazing thing after another. Today was about letters. About the letters you sponsors write to your kids. Or, don’t write to your kids. One small boy, Emmanuel asked me to take his picture. He wanted me to remember his name and when I returned to the office to find out who his sponsor is and scold her. He knows her name, but I won’t mention it here. He quickly said that he loves her and thanks her for sponsoring him. I asked if he writes to her, and he said,… Read more »