Streams in the Desert

It hasn’t rained in six years in parts of Turkana, Kenya. So women and children are carrying jars on their heads after traveling miles just to get water. Did you know that women and children carrying water like this have to make this walk twice a day. On an average, it is a four-hour walk to get water. It is their only choice. It is why most children don’t go to school. They have to carry water. And the water is most often a Trojan horse. Do you remember that story? It was the gift that was hiding their death. Inside their container is a mixture of water, dirt, algae, camel and goat feces, bacteria, mosquito larvae, and other insect eggs,… Read more »

The Ripple Effect – Guest Post

We’re honored to share this guest post from Amy who is a member of the CRF Blogging Network.  She is a big advocate for adoption and orphan care.  She shares the Lord’s heart for loving the fatherless! Check out her blog at Greater Expectations: Phil and Amy’s Adoption Journey. ________________________ I think as humans, we can only handle so much information at once. It is easy to overlook suffering because there are so many people with so many different needs. We get overloaded if we look at the numbers, like an estimated 153 million orphans worldwide (this number could be less; it is hard to estimate the actual number) or an estimated 146 million children in developing countries are underweight,… Read more »