The Orange City

“They passed us by!” the fisherman said as he reflected upon the countless relief workers that had come to bring help to the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda. Yes, if you were on the small island near Bantayan, Philippines, there was not a single relief worker or agency who stopped to give assistance. And yet, every house on the island had been damaged. It’s not only that their houses were destroyed, their livelihoods also vanished. On this island the main industry was seaweed farming. But because of the travesty of Yolanda, all the farms were destroyed. It seemed there was no hope. To make matters worse, the loss of their homes and income was complicated by the fact that no one… Read more »

Don’t Play with Matches

“Don’t play with matches.”  It seems like your mother told you that a million times when you were growing up. Why didn’t his mother give him the message? Because he is an orphan. Should he have known anyway? Probably so, but nevertheless, the boy played with matches and the CRF orphanage in Benjamin, Haiti burned down. Benjamin is a place of extreme poverty. CRF has 137 children there. We praise God that none of the children were hurt. This is the place where we just got the water in “the Deep Hole” story of a few months ago. But the new well was too far away to get a bucket brigade and save the building. We lost beds, clothes, books,… Read more »

Give a Goat

As I looked across the desert, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Surely my eyes were playing tricks on me. Yes, I was looking at a man who was wearing a Texas Tech shirt. Texas Tech is my alma mater, and this guy wasn’t with me. I was in a remote place in the desert of Turkana trying to help with the famine there. What in the world was he doing there? I introduced myself and said, “Are you from Tech?” Not only was he from Texas Tech, he was a professor there in the animal science department. His name was Dr. Mark Miller. Dr. Miller explained that he was in this area of Kenya because there had been… Read more »