Coming Home to CRF

To quit or not to quit? That was Brandon’s dilemma. There are upwards of ten million teens in Mexico that have decided for one reason or another to stop going to school. And when they do—problems like unwanted pregnancies, drug use or even drug trafficking can be right around the corner. Why would a kid quit? It could be to start working. Maybe a child’s family can’t handle the costs of sending their child to school. Or it may simply be that the child doesn’t see the hope of a better future with or without an education. That’s why it is so exciting that Brandon came back! He was one of our first sponsored children for CRF in Saltillo, Mexico…. Read more »

A Choice No One Should Have to Make

It is with our deepest sorrow that we tell you that Jeremiah Cooley died of Ebola. Jeremiah worked for CRF helping orphans in Croezerville, Liberia. A week after his death his wife also died leaving four children as orphans. Now MacAnthony Siaker, our CRF director, has to make a choice. Do you take in the four new orphans from Ebola to the orphanage or not? If you don’t, they will be isolated and probably starve to death. If you do, you risk the deaths of the other orphans that you are taking care of. But it’s not just Jeremiah’s orphans. Others are coming and seeking refuge. No one should have to make this choice. There are no rules. There are… Read more »

The Christmas Gift You Really Want

Maybe you can look back on a Christmas of the past and remember a gift that was incredibly special. It was just what you wanted. Did your parents ever give you one of those? I was thinking of one of those. Of all the memorable gifts, I think my favorite was the one of 1966. My dad had promised me that if I ever shot a certain score on the golf course that he would get me a new set of clubs. And I had shot the score. But 1966 wasn’t the best year for the Joneses financially. And then in December, they came to the pro shop. A brand new set of matched woods and irons made by Royal…. Read more »