Stopping on the Side of the Road

Do you remember that VBS song “Roll the Gospel Chariot Along?” If someone is in the road, what do you do? You stop and pick him up. That song could have been written about Moise Toussaint. Moise Toussaint is our CRF director in Cap Hatien, Haiti. He takes care of 600 children, directs an old folks home, preaches at a church, does welding and even leads a marching band for children. Here’s how I first met Moise. Shortly after the Haiti earthquake, I arrived to help with the disaster. We were driving a huge truck from Port au Prince to Cap Haitien to get medicine and tents. It was a twelve-hour drive through mountains and bandits on some of the… Read more »

Can a Pig Change a Life?

Do you ever wonder what happens to those animals you buy in our Christmas catalog? Well, one pig was bought last year for Jacqueline Toruno, the cook at our CRF school overseen by Freddy Gonzales near Managua, Nicaragua. But the story doesn’t end there. With Jacqueline’s first pig, she started a tamale business. (The pig provided the makings of tamales.) After selling the tamales, she used the proceeds to buy another pig. But there was some extra profit remaining, so she bought 200 bricks for a future house. This cycle has continued eleven times. Jacqueline has now bought 12 pigs turning them into tamales and bricks for her house. She now has 2000 bricks! With another 1000 bricks, Jacqueline will… Read more »

UPDATED: Nepal Earthquake

UPDATE: 6/9/15 When a massive earthquake struck Nepal in late April, thousands of CRF supporters began praying and donating—and our disaster relief team immediately packed their bags. Aided by your prayers and support, our medical response team arrived in Nepal as soon as possible and began working tirelessly to provide medical care and hope to earthquake victims. Gigie Carranza, one of our team members, kept a diary during her time in Nepal. We wanted to share some highlights with you: May 6, Wednesday: Dr. Evelyn and I were roused from our sleep by an aftershock. Yesterday we visited a small, poor village outside of Kathmandu that had not yet received support. We played with the children, gave food packs to… Read more »