Singing in the… Desert?

As we were driving a Land Cruiser through one of the most remote deserts on earth, we spied a group of guys walking across the parched ground. We immediately wondered who they were. We thought that we should drive over to check them out—but then again—these men could be dangerous. But we went over anyway. As we got closer to them, they spread out and circled our car. Then they marched around it. It was pretty scary. As you can see in this picture, these weren’t the kind of people I saw walking around in Amarillo,Texas. It also didn’t help that they were carrying spears.

We Plant Churches Too!

As I finished speaking at a church the other day, someone came up to me and said, “And you plant churches too?” Yes, we do. When I speak, I guess I sometimes forget to mention all the churches we plant. Most everyone knows CRF is a relief organization. We help destitute children, and we drill wells where there is no water. But we are very holistic and don’t want people to miss out on the gospel. Our greatest desire is for our sponsored children to grow up loving Jesus. I tell so many stories about Francis Bii and his dynamic work with children in Eldoret, Kenya. But did you know that his ministry has planted over 70 churches in the… Read more »

Help Syrian Refugees

You have probably been seeing Syria in the news a lot lately. You have heard the numbers—12 million Syrians have been displaced by war. But did you know that half of those displaced are children? These displaced children have an increased risk of sickness, hunger and exploitation. At Christian Relief Fund, we are committed to bringing the hope and provision of God when disaster strikes. And we are especially focused on helping children. CRF is responding to help refugees of the conflict in Syria. We are currently accepting donations to our Disaster Relief Fund as we assess how we can best serve those affected by this crisis. We will have more details about our relief efforts as the situation continues… Read more »