Disaster relief efforts are still underway near Beauregard, Alabama, following the deadly tornadoes that struck the area March 3.  Please continue to pray for all those affected.

Students from the Auburn Christian Student Center bringing relief.

On Sunday afternoon, Lee County in eastern Alabama was struck by the deadliest US tornado since 2013. At least 23 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more injured. Thousands of people have lost their homes due to the wide path of destruction caused by this EF-4 tornado’s 170+ MPH winds.

Much of the damage focuses around the city of Beauregard, Alabama. Our Disaster Response partners are already on site in Beauregard beginning the early stages of relief and rebuilding.

Your support is invaluable as we begin the work of providing clean water, food, and temporary shelter to the members of this community who have lost so much.

– Milton Jones, CRF President



The best way that you can help today is to donate. Your gift will be put to work immediately to bring help and hope to our neighbors who have been impacted by this deadly storm. You can donate here.


Your friends and family may be looking for ways to help the people impacted by this tragedy. Forward this email or share our social media posts to encourage your network to get involved.


God hears our prayers. Please join us in praying for safety and peace for all those affected by the tornadoes in Alabama.