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Meet Vincent Ojuok

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Vincent is one of the Clinical Officers at the Jones-Ringroad VCT and Health Clinic. He has held that post since 2011. He has proven himself to be a very calm leader in the clinic, which can be a very busy and overwhelming place. His main responsibilities are to ensure the proper handling of incoming patients. He screens them and determines the best plan of action required to help meet their medical needs. He also liaises with the doctor at the clinic to determine the best protocols for the very difficult cases that come into the clinic. He is the main breadwinner for his family and his extended family. Vincent is married and has a 15 month old at home. He… Read more »

Martha’s Sacrifice

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I recently returned from a visit to see the CRF programs in Liberia. People have been asking me how it was. I have mixed feelings about the country. Historically, Liberia should have all the amenities, government, economy and services like the US. It was founded by freed slaves after our Civil War. But it doesn’t. After years of corruption, abuse, their own Civil War, dictators, coups, and neglect, Liberia is a country that has so many needs. If I had to sum it up, it is as if a developed country slipped back into becoming a developing country again. But the people have tremendous hope; they see a better Liberia on the immediate horizon. I feel it too. I met… Read more »

Gratitude in Any Language

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As I stepped into the building, I couldn’t see much. It felt dark because the windows all seemed to be small, and the old building was darkly painted inside. It was quiet, but every once in a while I could hear what sounded like muffled voices, which I followed to a small, dark classroom. The students were learning math. The teacher was teaching in sign language, and the kids were answering back out loud. When they saw me, they all stopped, looked at me, and then started signing, “I love you!” in American Sign Language. We all know that sign…hold up your hand with your thumb, index finger and pinkie all extended and your ring finger and middle finger down…. Read more »

Precious Letters

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I have been traveling with a group from Preston Road Church of Christ this week. We have done some cool stuff, met some wonderful servants, and we have seen one amazing thing after another. Today was about letters. About the letters you sponsors write to your kids. Or, don’t write to your kids. One small boy, Emmanuel asked me to take his picture. He wanted me to remember his name and when I returned to the office to find out who his sponsor is and scold her. He knows her name, but I won’t mention it here. He quickly said that he loves her and thanks her for sponsoring him. I asked if he writes to her, and he said,… Read more »

Do You Know Who John Abraham Was?

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I asked that question to about 800 school children at the John Abraham Christian School in Neyba, The Dominican Republic. I was there visiting the school and the principal asked me to give some encouragement to the kids. Many come from very poor living conditions and needed some encouragement. So that is how I opened my talk at the assembly. Not one of them knew the story that tells the beginning of the Christian Relief Fund. So they listened as I spoke about a man who gave his life serving others in India.