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Two Cups

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He was simply wandering around the desert. Two cups were in his hands. One was for water. One was for food. His whole life revolved around these two things. Some days he found some. Other days he did not. He lived in the desert of Turkana. It had not rained in his area for six years. He didn’t look well. And why should he? There was hardly any food. And so he wandered around looking for whatever he could find. He could have been so easily overlooked or missed. My friend, Jim Shelburne, and I watched his meanderings. Jim’s congregation, Washington Avenue Christian Church in Amarillo, had paid to have a well drilled in this area. We were there to… Read more »

A Joyful Misunderstanding

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We had just traversed hours on some of the roughest roads you can imagine. And I had the ache in my back to prove it. But we had finally arrived at CRF’s newest well in Turkana, Kenya. Site visits have always been my favorite part of working with CRF’s water projects, so I jumped excitedly out of the truck to greet the community and see the well that had just been completed. But I was greeted by something I didn’t expect — an angry person. I had assumed everyone would be happy now that clean, plentiful water was available right in the middle of the village. In fact, I had been in this scenario dozens of times in the past… Read more »

Honoring Baxter Loe

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This Christmas season we’re remembering Baxter Loe who founded CRF after John Abraham, a preacher he met in India, starved to death waiting for help. Now tens of thousands of children have been helped through CRF. Baxter and John’s nightmare became a dream come true. Baxter was just awarded a posthumous “Certificate of Christian Service” from Lubbock Christian University’s Institute of Missions. The award is truly deserved by this great man of God who gave hope to so many through his life and even more through his legacy. Donate today to continue Baxter’s legacy ›