We need some people to be like Agabus.

Do you remember him?

Agabus appears twice in the book of Acts, and both times he is told to tell bad news. Later in the book of Acts, he is the one chosen to tell of the Apostle Paul’s upcoming arrest. But it is the first time he is mentioned that is important to us today. In Acts 11:27-30, Agabus announces a severe famine that would spread over the entire Roman world. He lets people know. And now it’s our responsibility to let people know about a famine.

The worst famine in over half a century is currently hitting the Horn of Africa, affecting more than 10 million people. After losing crops and livestock destroyed by the drought, thousands of families have travelled for days from Somalia to Kenya including barefoot children with no food or water. Malnutrition has reached 37% in some parts of northeast Kenya, and child refugees from Somalia are dying of causes related to malnutrition either during the journey or very shortly after arriving at aid camps.

And hardly anyone knows this!! Can you tell someone? Can you get the word out? Most of our media is covering other things, and people don’t know this story.

No one likes to announce bad news. Wouldn’t you have rather announced the Messiah than a bad drought? But Agabus was telling God’s message. It was the message of the moment. Let’s not forget the message of this moment—people are dying in a devastating drought.

And let’s not miss the response to the message of Agabus. “The disciples, each according to his ability, decided to provide help.” We need to follow that example from the book of Acts.

Can each of you, according to your ability, decide to provide help?
                                                   — Milton Jones, CRF President