2014 Year End Letter – Milton Jones

2014 was a great year!  If you haven’t read our Annual Report yet, you can find it here. Here is a year end letter from our President Milton Jones. ____________________________________________________ When I think of 2014, I will always remember it as the year of WATER for CRF. We have drilled wells in the past, but last year was different. We were so graciously given a rig in 2013. But 2014 is the year we truly became a full-fledged water ministry. In fact, our water ministry has a name—Hope Water International. During this last year, we drilled nearly a well a week. Over 40 wells were drilled in areas of the Horn of Africa where it hadn’t rained in around seven… Read more »

Coming Home to CRF

To quit or not to quit? That was Brandon’s dilemma. There are upwards of ten million teens in Mexico that have decided for one reason or another to stop going to school. And when they do—problems like unwanted pregnancies, drug use or even drug trafficking can be right around the corner. Why would a kid quit? It could be to start working. Maybe a child’s family can’t handle the costs of sending their child to school. Or it may simply be that the child doesn’t see the hope of a better future with or without an education. That’s why it is so exciting that Brandon came back! He was one of our first sponsored children for CRF in Saltillo, Mexico…. Read more »

Give the Gift of Hope

Yes, it’s only October, but in just a few short weeks, Christmas Eve will be upon us. Children all over the world will climb into bed, force their eyes shut and anxiously await Christmas morning — wondering what gifts will be waiting for them under the tree. But can you imagine being a child and not getting a present? It happens all over the world. But CRF is trying to do something about it. At CRF, we get the joy of giving gifts to over 5,000 children every year! This is one of the most exciting things that we do. And we want you to join us! Every year, every child in the CRF program receives a $10 gift at… Read more »

Our Kids Give Back!

CRF kids may have a lot of things that don’t go their way. But they quickly learn that everything doesn’t revolve around them. No, they are created by God to help others too. As they have been helped—they want to help others. Maybe no CRF work displays this more than our Saltillo Mission in Mexico where Audrey Burnett had been directing camps for children. Not only have they been experienceing learning the Bible, history, spelling, arts and crafts, science experiments and games—they have also been serving others. Whether it is going around the neighborhood collecting more than 60 bags of trash or going to the dump and helping children who don’t have enough to eat and aren’t yet sponsored—our children… Read more »

A Day in a Life in the Ebola Crisis

— Thoughts gleaned from experiences of children in Monrovia, Liberia.  — I am so glad to be in school! I will never forget the day Arthur David came to me and told me I was sponsored by CRF. I would now get to go to Ford-Madden Christian Academy. Ford-Madden is one of the best schools in Liberia. To me, it is the best. Not only do I get an education—I also get food to eat. I come from a poor family. My father was killed in the war when Charles Taylor took over the country and became president. I also lost my brother to the conflict. Taylor kidnapped him and made him a soldier even though he was just a… Read more »