When people find out that I’m a teacher, they often tell me that teaching is a “noble profession”. Teaching can be exhausting work at times. The classrooms are crowded, the hours often reach beyond the school day and into the evening, sometimes parents are very demanding and difficult to deal with, and all of this is for less than desirable pay. But my complaints stopped when I met Joan (pronounced “Jo-ann”). Joan’s story is like so many stories in Kenya. She was born in the city of Eldoret. Her mother was a single parent and Joan never knew her father. Later, when her mother married and moved to a different area, Joan was left with a grandmother. However, living in… Read more »

Letters for Lavin

Check out this great blog post from Emily, a CRF Child Sponsor.  You can read more of her posts on her blog, Emily is Smiling. And for our sponsors: Have you written your child lately? Why not do it today? _____________________________________________ Every month for 2013, I will be sending a letter to my sponsored daughter, Lavin.  Sponsored children love communicating with their adopted parents.  It means the world to them! This month, I already sent a letter to Lavin, telling her that I would be returning to Kenya in June of this year.  However, I have another card to send to my sweet girl, so I thought I would share it with you to possibly help inspire you of ideas… Read more »

Sponsors’ Lives Change

It’s not every day that you get to ride a camel. And it certainly isn’t every day that you get to ride a camel in Kenya with one of your best friends. But one day Ken Welke and I rode a camel together. I will never forget that trip. But it wasn’t camels that changed Ken’s life. It was children. Ken lives in Everett, WA where he is CEO of Welcome Communications, a supplier of communication products and accessories. I often think that Ken was misnamed. If I were naming Ken, I would call him “Barnabas.” There is simply no one more encouraging than Ken Welke. He is the epitome of a positive and optimistic person. And he has found… Read more »

Merry Christmas – Milton Jones

“May Your Christmas be more Glorious than Grand!” One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is to watch “A Christmas Carol.”  But we don’t just watch any version of it. Every single year we watch “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol.” It’s my favorite. We sing the songs together. We laugh at the same stuff year after year. And it really isn’t that bad a rendition of Dickens’ classic novel. The theme of Magoo’s Christmas is summed up in a song. It is the one about “figgy pudding” if you remember it. But the chorus has all the animated characters singing in jubilation — “May your Christmas be more glorious than grand!” And perhaps that is the essence of how we miss… Read more »

Little Milton

Little Milton – by Milton Jones, CRF President He was wearing an orange shirt. I think he had borrowed his shirt just because he was coming to see me. He lived in a slum. He was hoping to go to a school for AIDS orphans. He was poor. He had a big tumor on his back. And he wanted to meet me. He came over to shake my hand. And I asked him his name. “My name is Milton,” the little boy said. Here was little Milton in the orange shirt. And he was standing beside Big Milton in the orange shirt. He had so many strikes against him. I had so many things going for me. Why him? Why… Read more »