Kids Can Help

All you need is a good idea and a big heart! Here are some of the ways kids across the country have made a difference at CRF… What could your family do? _________________________________________________________   Prescott Valley Christian Church Based on a dream of long-time CRF donor Jan Northam, teens from the Prescott Valley Christian Church set out to drill a water well in Africa as proof of their faith (John 13:34-35). They only had twelve in the youth group, but that’s all Jesus had too. Through prayer, God blessed them with a collection of 7,000 pounds of clothes, all kinds of household goods for Goodwill, and a yard sale. Local news and radio started covering the compassionate fundraising of the… Read more »

2016 Year End Letter

2016 was a great year!  If you haven’t read our Annual Report yet, you can find it here. Here is a year end letter from our President Milton Jones. ____________________________________________________ How did 2016 go for CRF? In many ways 2016 was our best year ever. CRF now has more works than ever before. In fact, Christian Relief Fund is located in 96 different areas with child sponsorship programs in over 20 countries and helping in over 30 countries. We are sponsoring 7,306 children in a full-time capacity but helping many thousands more through feeding, disaster relief and providing education. Indeed we are helping more orphans and destitute children than at any time in our history. We drilled more water wells… Read more »

Year End Giving

Can you believe that you can change a child’s life for $35 a month? Did you know that you could bring a water well and a church to a group of people for $5000? Are you aware that 92% of the money that you give to Christian Relief Fund actually makes it to the program to directly help children in need? And you probably didn’t know that CRF needs your financial assistance more than ever before. I’ve never met a more pleasant or smarter young man than Aron Chabon. He was number one in his class at Emmanuel Namunyu High School in Bungoma, Kenya. But his dad died. Without help, Aron was not going to be able to continue his education. In the… Read more »

Freely You Receive, Freely Drink

Blue Hills. That’s what they called it. I couldn’t find anything blue. And I certainly didn’t see any hills. But we were there because they told us that there wasn’t any water. Blue Hills is right outside of Cap Hatien, Haiti. It’s not that far from the airport, but it seems like it takes forever to get there because of the lack of roads. We had been contacted by some church members about their lack of water, so we had drilled a well there. Now I was going with a team to see if they needed water purification so the people didn’t get cholera. After the team had put up some overhead tanks and was working on the system, I… Read more »


Amy White is a member of the CRF Blogging Network. Check out her blog at Great Expectations and follow her adoption journey.   Did you know that there are different types of orphans? I didn’t, either. I don’t remember where I first heard the term “social orphan”, but it makes me sick to know there are so many kids who don’t have parents or other adults in their lives who can look out for them, take care of them, and provide for them. We don’t know why the parents, with one or both still alive, can’t care for their children… disease, poverty, the list could go on. A “social orphan” is an child who has at least one living parent, but… Read more »