Sometimes people get mixed up on what CRF stands for.

Many people think the “C” is for children.

That is understandable since we focus so much on children.

Some think that our “F” stands for fun.

That is understandable because when you see our sign outside the building the last letter is sometimes covered by a shadow where it looks like Christian Relief Fun — and we do have a lot of fun around here.

But the “R” is pretty clear — it’s relief.  It’s true that people may forget that about us — but when there is a disaster, CRF brings relief.

Currently, CRF is involved heavily in four relief projects. If you are touched by the needs in one of these areas, we could really use the help.

Or if you just want to send money for relief, we will use it in the most needed area at the moment.  And we always need some reserve money for relief so we can immediately help in a disaster before the response money starts arriving.



CRF is partnering with local Turkish churches as they do the front-line work of caring for the Syrian refugees.

In the midst of this ISIS brutality, churches in Southeast Turkey have been tirelessly working to meet the needs of the thousands of refugees who have fled from Iraq and Syria. They have provided tents, clothes, food, and other necessities. They have also organized for counseling, education, and medical teams to meet the needs of these precious people.

The refugees being helped by CRF are a mix of Kurds from Kobane, Yezidis from Iraq, and some Assyrian Orthodox Christians. The relief work is being done in the camps with help from local municipal governments. These refugee camps are in Diyarbakir, Sirnak, Suruc, and Midyat. In addition, refugees living as squatters in Diyarbakir and the fields of Antioch are also being helped by this CRF partnership.



Closer to home, we have seen the devastation of the flooding in South Carolina.

We have partnered immediately with Disaster Response Team to help get their mobile disaster trailers to the site not only to provide distribution of food and water—but also for clean up and rebuilding. Our resources will be used to purchase food for entire communities as well as building materials, household supplies, tools and debris removal for those who are without insurance or are underinsured. Ultimately, this will lead to rebuilding for those who have lost their homes. As in other disasters, we will also work with local churches to maximize the effectiveness of the relief.



Under the direction of Luis (Chito) Cusi, our CRF team is continuing to rebuild areas of the Philippines that were devastated from the typhoon there. This effort is getting farther down the line and is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to see hundreds of houses being built. In fact, one area is being called the “Orange Village” because of its connection with CRF.

In addition to building new houses, we also support Chito’s ministry called “MARCH” which provides medical, dental, optical & counseling help on Bantayan Island. They have been helping thousands of needy people who need more than a new house but help with their health.



Chito has also directed our CRF relief effort in Nepal after the devastation from the earthquake there. Our doctors have treated thousands of patients. Our relief team has distributed everything from rice to roofing sheets. They are helping the hungry and giving houses to the homeless. As CRF always loves to do, we are ministering to many of the orphaned children there and giving them hope in the wake of the earthquake.

We are currently sending another team to Nepal to expand our ministry there. Not only are we helping with physical needs, but we are also helping in Bible distribution especially in Tikabairav, Dhadingbesi and Katithok.