In last month’s newsletter, we told you the sad news that the persistent drought and famine that has troubled the Horn of Africa for many years is back and may be worse than ever before.

This month we want to tell you what we’ve been able to do with your support so far and what we plan to do with your continued support!

God is doing great things through you!

We have been able to immediately ramp up our water drilling projects in Kenya to provide even more clean water to people in need! We have expanded our goat distribution programs to rebuild flocks in areas where we have provided a plentiful water source. We are also on the ground distributing food in northern Kenya as well as Ethiopia, but this is an area of our relief effort that needs further expansion.

We are also working on a large-scale water project in eastern Kenya. Through this project (pictured right) we are providing food to community members and their families in exchange for their work to deepen and extend two man-made water catchment reservoirs, which will store plenty of water for thousands of people in the community once the rainy season returns. We are excited about this project because it is not only distributing much-needed food, but reservoirs are also a great solution to the water crisis in the area!

We have been working tirelessly to help this region of Africa survive drought and famine for many years. All along, we’ve asked you to continue generously supporting this important work—and you have done it! We are so grateful for you!

But this time, whether it’s our cultural climate, economy or just fatigue over the same continuing need, the response has not been big enough to meet the mounting demands of this disaster.

We know that for the past few years we’ve been telling you about Turkana and how the needs there are so great. Believe us, we understand how difficult it can be to continue pushing on when the issues facing us are so huge. But now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to dig in, to keep praying, keep giving, and keep loving like Jesus commanded us.

We really need your help in the Horn of Africa. The situation is bad and is getting worse. We can’t do it without your help. And we can’t do it without God’s help.

If you haven’t given to our Famine Relief Fund, would you prayerfully consider it? And above all else, could you join us in prayer?