I certainly paid attention to the news. It was six years ago, and I was being told that the worst famine in 60 years was occurring in East Africa. Over and over again, I was being informed about the people starving to death. It changed everything in my life. CRF started sending food, buying goats, and developed a brand new water ministry. Hundreds of wells were drilled. Thousands of goats were given. Truckload after truckload of food was distributed. And you gave to make it all possible. Your help saved the lives of the dying in the Horn of Africa!

And now the famine is back. In some places it never left. But I can’t seem to locate this story in much of the media. It’s hard to say if it is just as bad or worse. But it is bad. In a small area of Somalia this week, 110 people died of starvation in two days. In South Sudan, they just don’t have any crops. Tim Talley, who started our ministries in Malindi and Mombasa, was recently evacuated from South Sudan. They not only didn’t have enough food because of the famine, according to Tim, but they also had so much fighting that it was hard to even try to farm. I recently got a picture from Northwest Kenya. There were dead animals all over the ground. But what got my attention was the malnourished goat that was still standing. And then I noticed that it wasn’t a goat—it was a camel.

Not many are telling the story of how bad it is. But CRF is. I know you have helped in the past. Can you help again?

So much of our work (especially our water well drilling) has been in Turkana, Kenya. People ask me—“Why are you still in Turkana?” That’s a good question. We have been drilling there for years, and we are still there. “Why don’t you move on to another place?” That’s another good question. And there are some good answers. We just don’t know anyplace worse than Turkana when it comes to water problems. Hardly anyone else is helping. And we are not even close to getting all the people clean water.

When I first saw the famine there, I couldn’t believe it could get worse. And now after all these years of helping, it is even worse. Certainly, it is better where we have drilled for water and provided wells (not to mention the farms, schools and church plants). But it hasn’t rained in most of this land in years. The ground is like concrete. Animals are lying dead on the ground. People think God has just turned the water off.

We are also helping bring water to other places like Haiti in the midst of the cholera crisis. And we are also helping bring water to other areas of Kenya where CRF orphans need a well. But we just can’t see any way to slow down helping inTurkana.

As a result, we still need your help. The drought is still there. Perhaps it is worse than ever. We have a rig there that is perfectly suited to drill in the difficult terrain. And we still have matching funds to help (we have extremely gracious donors). So you can drill a well there for $5000!

If you can’t afford a well, could you buy a goat? Or send us some money to help with food? We have trucks that can deliver. I know that there are so many stories being covered in the media other than this one. But I think this story is one that captures the heart of God and should capture ours too.