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At the CRF office, we’re continually inspired by the ideas our partner churches come up with for encouraging their members to make an impact. Whether it’s sponsoring more children or raising funds for a school, health center or water well, it’s incredibly exciting to see a congregation fully committed to changing the lives of children in need for the glory of God!

We wanted to share some recent stories to express our gratitude for the creativity and compassion we see across ALL of the amazing churches we partner with, and to maybe inspire you to incorporate CRF deeper in how your church reaches out to the world!


—  LCBC Church  -  Pennsylvania  —

We are so grateful for the Harleysville, PA campus of LCBC church. They are fully committed to sponsoring children in Honduras. This campus has about 1,000 members and they sponsor nearly 300 hundred kids. That’s an average of more than one per family! They even join us on a Honduras mission trip each summer where they can meet their sponsored children!

We love the way the church displayed all of the children available for sponsorship in their lobby by using clothespins, twine and wooden pallets! The display was also covered with photos and testimonials from families who had already chosen to sponsor a child. Thanks LCBC!


—  Palo Alto Church of Christ  -  Florida  —

It seems like everyone at Palo Alto Church of Christ contributed a creative idea for their water drilling fundraiser this spring. Children carried water jugs and encouraged everyone to contribute their spare change. A group of men built a working well on the stage! Then someone built a six-foot tall water tube complete with continuous bubbles and LED lighting to serve as a visual reminder of the church’s progress toward their goal.

And don’t forget the youth group! They learned that the sum of every number between 1 and 100 is 5,050. Slightly more than the $5,000 it costs to drill a well with CRF’s matching gift program. So they put out envelopes numbered 1-100 and asked everyone to take an envelope and return it with that number of dollars. So far they have raised enough for 3 wells! Thanks Palo Alto!




We are always looking for opportunities to connect with churches and share inspiring CRF stories and messages of hope! Are you interested in hosting a CRF Sunday at your church?

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Faces in the Famine

Children LOVE their sponsors!

Here are some inspiring stories of Kenyan sponsored children from our Kenya Director, Emily Whelchel.

Computer (what a great name!) is sponsored by my cousin, Juliana. Computer lives thousands of miles from her sponsor, but she carries her wallet-sized photo in a small plastic bag with her everywhere she goes.

Computer is an orphan, so she feels so loved to have someone to pray for her and provide for her needs.


Teressa was in 8th grade and unsponsored. Teressa’s parents had both died in a war, and we didn’t know that she was being abused by her current guardian. One day at school her teacher found a note that said “My life is hell. God hates me. I don’t want to live anymore.” Shortly before she was going to take her life, our CRF director rescued her and got her a place to board at our school.  She is now in high school.

If you even mention the name of her sponsor, a big smile breaks out on Teressa’s face.


When Ivone was a small girl, rebels came to her home and murdered her family.  Her parents’ blood covered her so that the murderers thought she was also dead.  Ivone was able to survive with only an injury to her eye.  Now Ivone is thriving because she is able to board at a CRF school and receive nutritious food.

Thanks to a sponsor who loves her, Ivone is currently doing well in school. 



Will You Tell the Bad News?

We need some people to be like Agabus.

Do you remember him?

Agabus appears twice in the book of Acts, and both times he is told to tell bad news. Later in the book of Acts, he is the one chosen to tell of the Apostle Paul’s upcoming arrest. But it is the first time he is mentioned that is important to us today. In Acts 11:27-30, Agabus announces a severe famine that would spread over the entire Roman world. He lets people know. And now it’s our responsibility to let people know about a famine.

The worst famine in over half a century is currently hitting the Horn of Africa, affecting more than 10 million people. After losing crops and livestock destroyed by the drought, thousands of families have travelled for days from Somalia to Kenya including barefoot children with no food or water. Malnutrition has reached 37% in some parts of northeast Kenya, and child refugees from Somalia are dying of causes related to malnutrition either during the journey or very shortly after arriving at aid camps.

And hardly anyone knows this!! Can you tell someone? Can you get the word out? Most of our media is covering other things, and people don’t know this story.

No one likes to announce bad news. Wouldn’t you have rather announced the Messiah than a bad drought? But Agabus was telling God’s message. It was the message of the moment. Let’s not forget the message of this moment—people are dying in a devastating drought.

And let’s not miss the response to the message of Agabus. “The disciples, each according to his ability, decided to provide help.” We need to follow that example from the book of Acts.

Can each of you, according to your ability, decide to provide help?
                                                   — Milton Jones, CRF President




If You Consume Less, There’s More for Others

In our last newsletter, I told a story about orphans in Africa waiting in line for my leftover food. I called it God’s Economics. I have received a lot of positive feedback from this lesson I learned.

And it is very true. Americans throw away billions of pounds of food each year worth billions of dollars which could feed millions of people. If we were able to recover our wasted food, we could provide a 2000 calorie diet to 84% of the world’s population, according to Dr. Roni Neff of Johns Hopkins University. Our throw away society is costing us time, money and our environment. But our waste also has the potential to feed huge numbers of people who are starving.

Maybe it is difficult to send your leftovers to a drought victim, but perhaps we could buy and prepare less in the first place in order to have some funds to send where we could buy food for people in the famine.  – Milton Jones, CRF President


If you didn’t read the article last month, you can find it here.











Famine Relief Updates

Along with our ongoing water and famine relief projects in Kenya, Christian Relief Fund has also been busy fighting this horrible famine in other regions of the Horn of Africa. Dr. Dane Welch, one of Milton’s good friends in Amarillo and a board member of Crisis Aid, has been a key partner in distributing this relief outside of Kenya. We are not able to disclose the exact location of this project to protect our team on the ground.

The food that CRF donors made available in this region has brought help and hope to many hundreds of families. Indeed, it has been a life saving partnership with Crisis Aid. Not only are people being fed, but people from all different backgrounds are also finding salvation in the name of Jesus through this work.

In addition to the feeding program, Dane helped to open a 40 bed pediatric clinic and to begin construction on a remote health outpost. Water wells are also being drilled in five of the communities to improve the health situation there.

Thank you, Dane, for all your great work for the glory of God!

Thanks a trillion, CRF donors! You have made this life-saving work possible!