Duck Dynasty is Everywhere


It wasn’t exactly the picture you were expecting to see when Giovana, one of our CRF sponsored children in León, Nicaragua, was asked to hold up a picture of her sponsors.

Yes, it was Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

There’s hardly anyone busier or more popular in the television industry right now than the Robertsons. But they aren’t too busy to help children. 

In fact, the family of Duck Dynasty was helping CRF for a long time before their TV popularity.

They not only sponsor children in Nicaragua but have also participated on regular mission trips to our CRF site in Neyba, Dominican Republic.

We hope you will join the Robertsons and sponsor children through CRF. Maybe you don’t have a long beard, but your sponsored child would love to receive a picture from you anyway. And with CRF you can make visits and mission trips to see your children and our works face to face just like the Duck Dynasty folks!

America loves Duck Dynasty—but our children who don’t even have televisions love them too for their generosity.

Thanks Duck Dynasty!

You don’t have to be famous
to change a child’s life!

Sponsor a child today!


Happy 30 Years, Linda!

Linda Purdy receiving a plaque from Milton Jones in honor of her 30 years of faithful service to CRF.

We congratulate Linda Purdy on her 30 years of service to Christian Relief Fund. When you think of CRF, it is hard not to think of Linda. Her compassion, leadership and love for children have permeated every area of our organization.

Thirty years ago Baxter Loe, our founder, hired Linda out of the educational realm because of her technological ability. He wanted Linda to bring CRF into the future. Well, it sure worked. CRF has grown from a few children in India to thousands around the world. As our executive director, Linda makes sure that these children are accounted for and cared for.

We appreciate and honor Linda not only for her many years of service but also for the spirit and attitude that she brings to our ministry that has been contagious in the office in Amarillo and in our works with children around the world.

Thank you, Linda!!

Try to Remember

- This is a blog post by CRF President Milton Jones. -

I learned something new about children in poverty today. Surely, I already knew it — but it caught my attention in a vivid way this afternoon.

A sponsored child at the Sovereign School in Cap Hatien, Haiti gave me a note. She had been a delightful girl and very helpful in things that I was doing there. She even tried to teach me Creole. But when I got the note, there was an “Uh Oh!” that went off in my mind. I just knew that she going to ask me to give her something. I figured she would hit me up for some money.

Slowly I opened the little note looking for the request (they are usually for money or computers) — but this one was different. (more…)

Do You Know Who John Abraham Was?

I asked that question to about 800 school children at the John Abraham Christian School in Neyba, The Dominican Republic. I was there visiting the school and the principal asked me to give some encouragement to the kids. Many come from very poor living conditions and needed some encouragement. So that is how I opened my talk at the assembly.

Not one of them knew the story that tells the beginning of the Christian Relief Fund. So they listened as I spoke about a man who gave his life serving others in India. (more…)

Drive Thru

It was a nice peaceful day at the CRF office.

And then it happened.

I thought a bomb went off in the building. It was so loud and so full of destructive sounds — I could think of nothing else. It had to be a bomb.

I quickly ran around the building to see what was demolished and what was the source of this incredible noise. When I got to Julie Castillo’s office, there was a truck that had driven into it. Yes, someone had driven through the outside wall and had entered her office. Just for your information, CRF doesn’t have a drive thru at our building. Well, not until this moment.

What happened? We still don’t know. (more…)