Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis Otieno Ohonga in 2008

Elvis is one of our greatest CRF legends. When he was in primary school at the Ring Road Orphan’s Day School, the Kenyan government tried to shut down this school with the putdown that AIDS orphans weren’t smart and our school in the slum was not up to standards. Our school was made to jump through all kinds of hoops until the ultimate challenge came one day.

The government made all of our students take the national achievement test to prove the academic inadequacies of our children. There was one problem for the educational powers that be in Kenya — they underestimated Elvis. (more…)

UPDATED: Pray for Emmanuel


After over 2 months of setbacks, Emmanuel finally had surgery for his thyroid cancer yesterday.  His family has reported to us that the surgery went well and Emmanuel is awake and alert.

The next step is radioactive iodine treatment.  Emmanuel will begin this treatment in the coming days.

Please keep the Namunyu family in your prayers.  We are hopeful that God will heal Emmanuel.



Last Friday we asked  you to pray for Emmanuel Namunyu, the founder and director of Eruli Children’s Center in Bungoma, Kenya.

Emmanuel is a man who has given his life to helping orphans.  And now his life is at risk due to thyroid cancer.

We let you know that Emmanuel was heading into surgery to remove the cancer.  And many of you requested an update as soon as we heard something.

Here is what we know at this time:
Emmanuel’s surgery has been postponed.  On the day of the surgery, doctors decided that some further testing was required before the operation could be completed safely.
While this was some frustrating information to receive, we want the doctors to be absolutely certain that they are treating Emmanuel correctly.

The operation has now been rescheduled for April 25th.
 Please mark you calendars and remember to pray for Emmanuel on that day.Emmanuel, the Namunyu family and all of Emmanuel’s kids are very grateful for your continued prayer and support.  We will keep you updated via this blog post when Emmanuel is able to have surgery later this month.


The stories about Emmanuel Namunyu are legendary.

His ministry with CRF is expanding daily. Hundreds of orphans are under his care.

You may have read in our February newsletter that Emmanuel has thyroid cancer. Doctors have told us that the best path forward is extensive surgery and radiation treatment. So Emmanuel is having surgery today.

Emmanuel needs our prayers!

We ask you to join with us at CRF in praying for a successful surgery, a quick recovery and full healing from this cancer.

We need Emmanuel!  We are trusting God to care for him.

Emmanuel never neglects a needy child.  Let us not neglect to pray for Emmanuel in his time of need.



Sponsors’ Lives Change

It’s not every day that you get to ride a camel.

And it certainly isn’t every day that you get to ride a camel in Kenya with one of your best friends. But one day Ken Welke and I rode a camel together. I will never forget that trip. But it wasn’t camels that changed Ken’s life. It was children.

Ken lives in Everett, WA where he is CEO of Welcome Communications, a supplier of communication products and accessories.

I often think that Ken was misnamed. If I were naming Ken, I would call him “Barnabas.” There is simply no one more encouraging than Ken Welke. He is the epitome of a positive and optimistic person. And he has found the art of lifting up other people.

With Ken’s remarkable spirit, it is hard to imagine him facing tough times or having to deal with life’s disappointments. But recently he shared a dark time not only with me, but with his whole network of friends and associates. In the end, Ken didn’t get exactly what he wanted, but he found a way to help someone and turn a heartfelt frustration into another affirmative phase of his life.

No one will tell you better how sponsoring a child will not only change the child’s life but will also change your own life more than Ken Welke. Here’s his story: (more…)

Best Seat in the House

Larry Wu is CRF Director of Field Operations.  He has been visiting CRF programs in Uganda and Kenya for the past few weeks.

In every home Larry visited, he noticed a very special custom.  We’re excited to share his story with you and we hope it motivates you to honor one another!

Kenyans believe visitors are a blessing to their home. Their greeting to any and all is “karibu!” meaning, “welcome!” A visitor from a far away place is doubly honored because they understand the difficulty in making a long trip, and yet you have decided to visit their home. A surprise visit is treated the same as if it were well planned and expected. They still greet you warmly, invite you in, give you the best seat in the house, and attempt to feed you or, at the very least, provide you a drink.


2012 Year End Letter from Milt

Check out our 2012 Annual Report to see highlights from last year!

Let me tell you about how CRF helped get stuck people ‘unstuck’ this year.

People in the Horn of Africa were stuck. It had not rained in five years. So CRF developed the greatest water ministry in our history. We brought in food and water to the most devastated places like Dadaab andTurkana. We drilled wells. We started farms. We built schools. We planted churches. It may seem like a drop in the desert, but CRF saved thousands of people who would have died without the water that you gave through CRF. (more…)