Goat Day in Lurare!

Want an easy way to make someone smile? Give them a gift!

This past weekend our sponsored kids and staff at the Lurare Primary School were able to smile big as each received a goat as a gift from some very special CRF donors.

The Lurare Primary School is one of our newest programs in Kenya. We started sponsoring orphan children there just this summer. The school is located in Kimilili, Kenya, in the Northern Province.  The program is run by the husband and wife team of Samson and Ruth Wangila. The community has been devastated by AIDS and tribal warfare. While we have quickly found sponsors for 12 children, we still have 32 orphans in the school who need sponsoring out of a total of 150 students in grades 1-8. While all the students and staff are poor, our priority is caring for the orphans first. The school fees we pay for each of our sponsored kids ensures that there are good teachers on staff and 1 nutritious meal per day for all the children and staff. The teachers are paid less than $20 a month to work 12 hour days, 6 days a week. The orphan children live with guardian families from the local church who are willing to take in an orphan while still struggling to feed their own. (more…)

Helping Isaac Victims

We thank God that Hurricane Isaac has not been as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina, but many people have still lost their homes and possessions in this disaster. We are continuing to partner with Disaster ResponseTeam to provide emergency food and care to those affected. (more…)

Long-Term Change from a Short-Term Mission

Today’s guest post comes to us from Kyle Mitchell.  You can read more from Kyle and his wife Lynea at kyleandlynea.blogspot.com


Kyle Mitchell visited the Hogar de Niños, a CRF children’s home in Catacamas, Honduras in 2003. His experience there changed his life and we want to share it with you!

During the summer of 2003, the course of my life changed forever. I was 19 and had finished my first year at college. My best friend was interning at the Branch Church of Christ in Texas that summer, and insisted that I go with his church on a trip to Honduras. I’d never been out of the country before and was reluctant to answer yes. But answer yes, I did. (more…)

Thunder from God

This is a guest post from CRF President Milton Jones’ blog, Through Orange Colored Glasses.

As I was sleeping in Turkana, I heard a huge noise. Being 2:30 in the morning, it startled me out of bed. I ran outside to see what had made the disturbing noise. It sounded like a truck had run into the building. Others were outside trying to figure it out too. When we looked up into the sky, it was obvious. We had heard thunder. And soon we saw lightning. And then the most unusual thing happened. We felt rain. It is unusual because it has been years since some of the people of Turkana have had any rain. And now I was witnessing rain. (more…)

How much should you pay the guy who picks you up in the desert?

This is a guest post from CRF President Milton Jones’ blog, Through Orange Colored Glasses.

How much should you pay the guy who picks you up in the desert?

Well, my trip to Turkana started out with one of those “small world” deals. Barbie and I taught at Puget Sound Christian College for a couple of decades. Gene Morden graduated in 1993, and we had kind of lost track of him. It turned out that he is living in Turkana doing mission work and drilling water wells. I told Francis Bii, our relief director for the Horn of Africa, to try to find him and see if we could partner in some way. Francis had made three trips to see him, but he simply couldn’t find him. As I entered the airplane to go to Turkana, I heard a “Hi, Milton!” Yes, I sat beside Gene on the flight. Gene has served Turkana for 17 years giving the people water and the gospel. I asked him for advice. He said that the best thing that we can do to change Africa is to educate the children and give them water that will lead to farms. That made me feel pretty good since it was exactly what we were doing. (more…)