Bienvenidos a Centroamérica!

Larry Wu, Director of Field Operations, and Milton Jones, CRF CEO, are visiting CRF programs in Central America this week.  Here is Larry’s first blog post from the trip.  Keep checking back for more!

Flying into Tegucigalpa airport, I was thinking to myself how much the mountains around the city looked like the mountains around Kisumu, Kenya. I am familiar with traveling in Kenya, and am equally unfamiliar with travel in Central America. But the similarities don’t end with the topography. It FEELS like I am in a familiar place, meeting familiar people, and hearing familiar stories.

Everywhere CRF goes, it seems that poor people live similar lives. (more…)

What’s in Store for 2012?

This is an article from CRF’s March newsletter.  Sign up for our eNewsletter here!

There is a popular book out called When Helping Hurts. Although it has some good material, I don’t really care for the title.

I wish someone would write a book called When Helping Helps.

Some economists from Yale and Columbia recently wrote a book called More Than Good Intentions. They studied charitable works around the world and found that some were good and others were not. Their conclusion was to find one that is helping and support it immensely. And don’t support the ones that aren’t doing a good job. I think that is a good analysis. There are so many good efforts that are really helping people who need some grace. Find them and help.

Because of your support, Christian Relief Fund is drastically changing lives around the world. Children are breaking free from the cycle of poverty, families are learning about the grace and love of Jesus, and those struck by disaster and disease are experiencing the incredible provision of God.

We wanted this month’s newsletter to give you an idea of some of the new projects we have in the pipeline for 2012. It is our hope that you would join with us in making these projects a reality through financial support and, most of all, prayer.  - Milton Jones, CRF President/CEO


World AIDS Day

Guest Post from CRF President Milton Jones’ blog, Through Orange Colored Glasses

What’s the deal with orange? It’s about hope. But specifically orange was designated as the color of hope for AIDS orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa. Over a decade ago, I made a commitment to devote myself to the cause of care for AIDS victims especially orphans.  It seemed like a hopeless cause. There were millions of them. You got a new one every 14 seconds. There was no cure. It was the biggest pandemic in the history of the world.

So is there any hope? (more…)