The Domino Effect of Clean Water

For the past few years, news about the famine in the Horn of Africa has been a
frequent subject of our newsletters. That’s because it’s one of the largest humanitarian crises facing the world today! And you never let the news fall on deaf ears.

Thousands of donors have given sacrificially to help others have clean water to drink. From student groups to individuals—from $10 to $10,000—we’ve been able to match each dollar to drill a well for every $5,000 given,
thanks to some generous grantors!

The big day finally arrives!  Funds are sent to our team in Kenya, the community gathers to pray over the drilling crew, the work begins and, before long, water erupts from the ground in the middle of the desert!
(We also drill in Haiti, but that’s another story!)

Now the party really gets started.  The pump is flowing with clean water and the community is gathered to praise God for His great faithfulness.  The air is filled with singing and earnest words of gratitude… and the jerry cans are full of water.

Now the community begins to imagine what is possible with clean water.  CRF continues our community development work by supporting farms, distributing goats, and starting schools for children who once spent hours each day fetching water.

Once the community has the foundation of clean water and has begun to gather their homes around the well, we plant a church! CRF has a dedicated church
planting team in Turkana, Kenya who have planted more than
100 churches in the region.

But the good news doesn’t stop with wells or farms or even churches. CRF
sponsors follow up after our well projects by sponsoring children who need extra support to grow up healthy and receive a great education to escape poverty!

And this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what happens in the decades to come! Over the last three years, CRF donors have helped more than
150,000 people get clean water!

How many more people can we help in the next three years?

The Orange City Update

You may remember the terrible Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines in November of 2013. The high winds and flooding killed more than 6,000 people, and left millions homeless. And CRF donors answered the call to create a city of hope — an Orange City — on a picturesque island outside of Cebu.

We are excited to announce that the Orange City is complete! Through the generous support of CRF donors and partnerships with M.A.R.C.H. for Christ and Habitat for Humanity, 350 new homes are now finished and are providing high-quality, long-term housing for more than 1,000 people! The Orange City is a testament to the fact that God is stronger than any storm!



Joan Jones School Update

Joan Jones was known for her hospitality, and now it has multiplied to Campamento, Honduras. The Joan Jones Memorial School has now opened there. Many of you gave to help build this school in her honor. The new facility is an elementary school that will house students from the first through sixth grade. Around 180 students will be able to attend this educational center.

The government graciously gave us the land for the school because they needed a facility in a new community of over 300 homes. Members of the LCBC church in Pennsylvania sponsor most all of the children at the new school. The mayor was so happy with the situation that he gave CRF another building to create a technical school.

We think that this new school in Honduras is truly a fitting honor to Joan Jones. Joan had a contagious compassion. She had an immense leadership. She had a joyful and positive spirit that was like no other. She loved the Lord. And she loved children. And no one was more hospitable than Joan. After preaching at the North Richland Hills congregation, Jon Jones became president of Bread For A Hungry World. As a team Jon and Joan traveled all over the world to help orphaned and destitute children. Hopeless kids found help and hope from them everywhere they went.

A few years ago, Bread For a Hungry World merged with Christian Relief Fund. As we worked together, I learned to appreciate even more the humility, vision and kindness of Jon and Joan. Joan is truly an inspirational mother to kids without families on nearly every continent. Perhaps no place was loved by Joan more than Campamento, Honduras. The completion of this school will bring the hospitality that marked Joan Jones to so many little children in Honduras who need a break.

Thank you, Joan. We love and miss you. — Milton Jones

Sponsors Make Dreams Come True

Johnny Miller’s dream seemed impossible.

He was an eleven-year-old Liberian boy who had just survived a seven-year civil war. 600,000 people had been killed. His country was in shambles. He was surrounded by poverty and brokenness. War was all he remembered. How could a boy like Johnny ever become a doctor? All hope seemed lost.

But then Johnny found his way to Ford-Madden Christian Academy (FMCA) and was sponsored by Troy and Katie Link. That’s when everything changed!

Literally without their support, I wouldn’t have reached where I am today! I remain grateful to my sponsors whose prayers and financial support contributed immensely to my life and encouraged me to reach for my dreams.

And Johnny definitely reached for his dreams. After working hard to catch up on the years of education he had missed during the war, Johnny graduated with honors from FMCA and received a scholarship from CRF to attend one of Liberia’s best universities.

After graduating from undergrad, Johnny received a government scholarship to attend medical school in China. He was finally on his way to becoming a doctor! But there was a problem—all of Johnny’s classes were going to be taught in Mandarin… and Johnny didn’t know Mandarin.

There was this huge language barrier that I had to overcome. I had a year of preparatory classes where I learned basic Chinese language and culture. Learning Mandarin was very challenging, but I knew I had a huge support network praying for me. After one year of intense study, I could speak Mandarin fluently.

Now just a few years later, Johnny has graduated with a degree in clinical medicine and is returning to Liberia for his internship. He’s thrilled for the opportunity to provide medical care to children and families who are living through poverty!

Being a doctor means everything to me. It’s a dream come true, a dream that took years of determination, hard work, perseverance and self-discipline. I am honored to be counted among those of this noble profession. I am also excited that I get the chance to save lives. I am most humbled about the opportunity to help people in less privileged communities.

It’s always encouraging to hear stories about children escaping the cycle of poverty, but the story often doesn’t end there. All around the world, CRF sponsored children are growing up to become agents of change in their communities. We are grateful that God allowed us to play a part in Johnny’s story and we are anticipating the great work he will do for Liberia!

I thank God for using you the bless me. You’ve touched thousands of lives, including mine, in a way that you can never imagine. Yours truly, Johnny Carolus Miller





Total Orphans – by Milton Jones

What is the difference in a partial and a total orphan? It’s sad that we have to use those designations.

David Marangach contacted me today to tell me that we have two new total orphans at our CRF school on Mt. Elgon in Kenya called Milton Simotweet. Caleb Kiplangat and Rehema Churtolin, brother and sister, had their dad die. They had already had their mom violently die, and now the second parent was gone, making them total orphans.

“It was a dark morning!” David declared. “The air was filled with cries and prayers.” Caleb and Rehema lost their only living parent on that day as some unknown people attacked them and shot them to death. If this were not bad enough, the assailants decapitated their father and the other victims. And it happened right by our school.

This area is a violent one. Most of CRF’s hundreds of children here have been orphaned by wars. It appears the SLDF (Sabaot Land Defense Force), a rebel army that was responsible for the war that created the many orphans that we have on Mt. Elgon is back. Rehema and Caleb aren’t the only ones who have seen their parents murdered. Kids in this place have not only been left without parents but also food, shelter, and a means to take care of themselves. Without CRF they wouldn’t be getting an education, meals, or a place to stay. CRF has also provided psychological counsel to the children to help them with their grief over the atrocities they have seen.

I’m thankful for our donors who have sponsored so many of them. I’m also grateful for those of you who have built dorms for them. We still need new dorms, and many children aren’t sponsored currently.

Seeing this picture of Caleb and Rehema smiling brings tears to my eyes. This picture with David was taken earlier that day before they knew the tragic news of their dad. I can’t imagine how much changed in their countenance, emotional makeup and total life when they heard the news.

Pray for them. We still don’t know for sure who committed the murders or why. We think it had to do with the army. Helicopters are flying over our site. People on the mountain are fleeing. Indeed, this leaves a lot of uncertainty and fear on the mountain. Our CRF works there have heightened security and are doing everything possible to protect the children. But we still need your prayers.

David said, “Thank you for building this school. Otherwise, they would have no one else to take care of them.”