Hope for Honduras

Children are so precious in Campamento, Honduras. They have so many needs, but there is so much hope! We wanted to share these two photos with you from a recent trip!

Barbie Jones holds this eight-year-old child who is unable to walk, talk or see. But he gives the best hugs in the whole world. His family needs a lot of extra help to take care of not only this child and his special needs but also several others. They are so graciously trying to raise these kids, but they need some help.


Even when the children don’t have special needs, they still need food & education.

Bobby Moore, our Vice-President, shows how wonderful these children are.




I Have Another Daughter

We’re excited to share this firsthand account of a sponsor meeting their child with you. Casey Coston is a longtime child sponsor and a campus minister at Ole Miss University.

Do you know why I wanted to travel to the small village of Benjamin, Haiti? I have another daughter there! Let me explain.

Benjamin is only 40 miles from Cap Haitien, a large city on the northern coast of Haiti, but it takes at least 4 hours to drive there due to very rough roads. This year it took 7 hours.

The scenery is breathtaking. The jungle is dense. And the rivers are wide. While the trip is always tough, this year it was even worse. At one point, we had to stop because the road was washed out from all the rain. Several dump trucks were stuck ahead of us.

Finally, a backhoe was able to push the dump trucks out of the mud. Then it was our turn. Our team got out of the truck and walked along the side of the road as our fearless Haitian leader Moise stepped on the gas, slinging mud as he made his way past us like a monster truck rally! It was crazy. Everything went okay for a while—with our translators periodically shouting “Hold on!” as we went slipping and sliding along the road—but eventually we got really, really stuck. Haitians and Americans spent an hour trying to get the truck unstuck.

The ladies on our team got out and walked on ahead. Word of our predicament had reached the village of Benjamin, so now the little kids were running to find us and greet us as older kids were joining in the battle to get the truck unstuck.

As kids passed me I started walking ahead to find the ladies of our group. And it was then that I saw her—a tall, 15-year-old teenager named Chedna St. Louis! She was healthy and gave me a small smile. I hugged her and said “‘Good afternoon” in Creole. She is my oldest daughter thanks to CRF. My wife Tracey and I started sponsoring Chedna after our 2012 trip to Haiti and I met her for the first time in 2013.

Chedna and I walked the rest of the way to Benjamin together. The scenery was beautiful, but the walk was difficult due to the heat and carrying our backpacks over 5 miles! Chedna offered to carry my backpack part of the way. She even carried one of our team’s 5 gallon water bottles on her head part of the way! When we made it to Benjamin, I gave her a couple of wrap bracelets that Tracey had made as gifts.

It is truly special and sacred to meet your child in person. To see Chedna thriving and growing, healthy and happy, makes my $35/month sponsorship the best investment I can think of because she knows Jesus and will have a great opportunity to make Haiti a better place for her people. Every muddy mile was worth it to be reunited with my oldest daughter!



Have a Good Idea? Remember CRF!

Matthew Blake makes great salsa at Matchstick Salsa. His “Find Your Perfect Match” campaign not only encourages consumers to choose the heat intensity that best suits them, but also reminds buyers that each jar purchased is matched with a donated meal for a Kenyan CRF orphan.

The children of Josh and Caresse Wood are budding artists. They put on an art show for the people of Amarillo recently at our CRF headquarters. Orphans from our new school in Metkei, Kenya are being supported with their proceeds.

Dyron Howell of Eli Lilly and Snack Pak 4Kids is on his way to Eldoret, Kenya for business. But he is going to be traveling with a bunch of nearly indestructible soccer balls to give them to our CRF children there.

Even Amazon remembers CRF through their Amazon Smile program.
(Simply follow the link and choose to support Christian Relief Fund with your purchases.) 

Everyone has a great idea. Please make CRF a part of your idea!


Remember the Poor

Remember the Poor. That’s what the ministry is called right outside of Lodwar, Turkana in Kenya.

We drilled for water there and helped save the lives of children in this famine area. But sometimes wells break.

If you help us to drill a well, we wanted you to know that we not only drill wells, but we also help maintain them. We just fixed the well here, and water is flowing again.

Don’t you love this picture? The street boys pictured are of a group of children who have been rescued and rehabilitated from their glue sniffing and other addictions. These former criminals are changing their behavior and learning to love and trust the Lord.

You can see by the desert terrain why there is such a need for water. It hasn’t rained here in years. The temperatures average between 100 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, they are going to plant some trees now that there is water for them. It’s easy to see why the water you give is such a blessing.

Can you help us bring more water to another group of children like “Remember the Poor”?



Thank You, Linda!

It seems inconceivable. It touches your tear ducts. It makes you give thanks for the past. And you want to do the most you can do to honor Linda Purdy.

Yes, she is retiring from CRF. But her leadership and love for children will keep on going for years into the future—in fact forever.

The plaque that the CRF board gave her says it so well —

With our Deepest Appreciation to
Whose Compassion For Children, Gifts Of Leadership,
And Vision For Helping The Poor
Have Guided CRF For 33 Years

APRIL 15, 2016

We congratulate Linda Purdy on these 33 years of service to Christian Relief Fund. When you think of CRF, how can you not think of Linda? Her kindness, direction and affection for children have permeated every area of our organization.

Baxter Loe, the founder of CRF, hired Linda back when she was a teacher because of her technological ability. He wanted Linda to help get CRF moving toward the future. Well, it sure happened. It is hard to comprehend the growth of CRF since she has been here. CRF has grown from a humble start in India with a few kids to thousands of orphans and destitute children around the world. As our executive director, Linda made sure that these children were not only accounted for with integrity but also loved.

We thank God for Linda and want to honor her for her many years of service and also for what is even more important to CRF—the spirit and attitude that she brings that has touched every aspect of Christian Relief Fund. It has been contagious in the office in Amarillo and has transformed our works with children around the world.

Linda will still be around Amarillo when she is not with grandkids in Lubbock. No one could ever stop her from helping CRF. She still will be a great blessing to our work. She simply won’t be directing the daily work of CRF. And she will be missed immensely.

Thank you, Linda!! Our donors, children and staff love you! You are the best!

— Milton Jones on behalf of CRF’s Staff, Board and Children