Our Ongoing Relief Work

CRF is continuing to help in South Texas. We have partnered with Disaster Response Team.  We are currently in the rebuilding stage. Our team will probably be there for years.  If you want to join them in rebuilding, contact us. Rebuilding is always the most expensive part of disaster relief, so we could use more funds to help.

Carlos Carbajal (right) grew up as one of our sponsored children in Honduras. He now has a powerful ministry in Miami. Carlos led a team to help Hurricane victims in Immokalee, Florida. This was one of the poorest places in the US before the hurricane; now it is worse. Hardly any assistance went to this area until Carlos and CRF helped.

The earthquake near Mexico City may have led to more fatalities than all other recent disasters.  Eli Garcia, our CRF director in Piedras Negras, has led a relief team to feed, encourage and help rebuild this devastated area.  They have especially focused on the Cholula, Puebla area that was incredibly impacted by the earthquake.

Most people don’t even know that Haiti was hit by Hurricane Irma. But if you saw our CRF schools, churches, and roads—you would know that it was hit. Bobby Moore and Milton Jones (seen here with a new water tank) have been in Cap-Haitien, Haiti making sure that our buildings and water sources are restored.

And that’s not the end of it. Probably no one was hit harder than Puerto Rico.  And then there were the fires in California. CRF was out of teams to send, but we are supporting teams with some of our partners to do as much we can to help those impacted by these tragedies.



It’s Bed Time!

I have slept most of my life on a waterbed. I guess I’m just an old hippie, but I like them. However, Barbie talked me into buying a new bed. It’s a traditional bed, and I hate to admit it—but it is so comfortable! Whether it is comfort, relaxation, sleep, or whatever—it’s like this bed has changed my life. It wasn’t that expensive, but what an investment it was. If you are bed shopping, contact me, and I’ll tell you about it.

I love my bed, and I can’t imagine what it would be like not to have it. I don’t even want to go back to my waterbed. And I certainly can’t imagine not having a bed at all. Yet, that is the case with a bunch of our children. They don’t have beds. And if they do, they have to share them with too many other children. Kevin Wasner told me he visited a school recently and saw five kids in a single bed. That’s too many!

Lately, we have been building a lot of schools with dorms. And in many locations, we just don’t have enough beds for the children. It’s time for beds. When children don’t have a bed, they obviously don’t get a lot of sleep. But they are also tired which makes it hard for them to concentrate in school. Can you imagine sleeping on a hard floor? Wouldn’t it make your efficiency worse?

At a seminar, I heard a guy plea for “a bed for every head.” I like that. Could you help us to make sure that every one of our CRF children has a bed?

You can buy a mattress for only $25. If you wanted to add a mosquito net, you could do so for another $10. If you could help us with a bunk bed frame, it would be $100.

I got a new bed. I think that it’s time to get our kids new beds too. Can you help? A bed can help change the life of one of our kids. — Milton Jones, CRF President




Give Your First Christmas Gift!

Yes, we know it’s only October, but in just a few short weeks, Christmas will be here! Children all over the world will climb into bed, force their eyes shut and anxiously await the gifts that will be under the tree. Maybe you remember similar experiences from your childhood.

But can you imagine being a child and not getting a present? It happens all over the world. But CRF is trying to do something about that.

At CRF, we have the joy of giving Christmas gifts to thousands of children every year! It’s one of the most exciting things we get to do. And we want to invite you to join us!

Every year, every child in the CRF program receives a $10 gift at Christmas.

While $10 might not seem like much, it is the first gift many of our children ever receive. Their faces light up with joy, and for just a moment the weight of their circumstances is lifted. They know someone cares enough to give them a present!

By providing a Christmas gift for a child, you are telling them that they are not alone – someone cares. And most of all you are telling them that their Father in Heaven will always provide for them.

Could you give a little extra this holiday season to make sure our children have a little extra hope on Christmas morning?




SPONSORS: Your donations for Christmas gifts will first be credited to your sponsored child(ren)’s account(s). Every additional $10 you give will provide a gift for a child who is unsponsored or whose sponsor did not send a gift.

Hurricanes: Asking the Right Question

Five hundred gallon water tanks were blown off the roof. Then the roof was blown off. Roads collapsed and washed away. Water wells were contaminated. Water sources were completely under water.

This is what Bobby Moore and I saw as we observed the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in northern Haiti. And this wasn’t as bad as the damage in Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys or south Texas.

Martin Luther King, Jr. in his last sermon talked of the story of the Good Samaritan. He said the parable revolved around two questions. Upon seeing the distressed man on the side of the road, the priest and Levite asked, “What will happen to me if I help?” Dr. King said that was the wrong question.

When the Good Samaritan walked by—he asked the right question. “What will happen to HIM if I don’t help?”

We need to be asking the right question when it comes to the devastation from these hurricanes. We have heard the cries from Puerto Rico. The cries from places like Haiti have hardly been heard. “What will happen to them if we don’t help?”

Please help. CRF is working with Disaster Response Team in Texas to rebuild homes after the destruction of Harvey. We are helping in partnership with other relief efforts in the Florida Keys and Puerto Rico. We have our own group in Haiti helping with construction and water projects. You can donate, or you can volunteer and go to a site to help. — Milton Jones, CRF President




Hurricane Irma

I have never seen so many major disasters at one time. We started helping with Hurricane Harvey—and before you know it, there is Hurricane Irma. I haven’t even mentioned the immense fires plaguing the Western United States (we will also take donations to help here) or the earthquake in Mexico.

Irma is a very difficult situation for CRF and all disaster relief groups. It is so huge, and it so close to the time of Harvey. We have all of our disaster equipment already in Texas and had planned on staying for perhaps years. We already have groups going to Portland, Houston, Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, Wharton, Ingleside, and Beaumont. But we are determining just how we can help in the Irma destruction. Disaster Response Team, our partner in domestic relief, has teams doing assessment as I am writing this for the best place for us to set up and work in Florida. By the time you are reading this article, I’m sure we will be located and giving a lot of relief in Florida. But I assure you, we will be helping out, and we need your help.

As I said earlier, you have to start somewhere. Our beginning point in this relief effort will be in Haiti. Irma missed most of Haiti, but the high winds and floods caught the northern city of Cap-Haitien—the location of several of CRF’s largest works. The flooding there has not only caused destruction but also contaminated the many shallow wells. As a result, cholera is going to quickly follow this hurricane and cause many more deaths than the actual hurricane. Bobby Moore and I will be leaving soon to assess the damage there.

We want to secure our schools with some initial rebuilding and drill some deeper wells. We have already been drilling there to prevent cholera that became prevalent after the last hurricane. Indeed, it seems like Haiti can’t get a break. CRF is so heavily focused on children that we thought the starting place should be some of our own sponsored children who are in harm’s way.

As we start helping in Cap-Haitien, we will quickly move to help in our own country. CRF certainly understands donor fatigue. We try not to ask too often. But I’ve never seen anything quite like this last month for disasters. Thanks for being so gracious. - Milton Jones, CRF President