Five hundred gallon water tanks were blown off the roof. Then the roof was blown off. Roads collapsed and washed away. Water wells were contaminated. Water sources were completely under water.

This is what Bobby Moore and I saw as we observed the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in northern Haiti. And this wasn’t as bad as the damage in Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys or south Texas.

Martin Luther King, Jr. in his last sermon talked of the story of the Good Samaritan. He said the parable revolved around two questions. Upon seeing the distressed man on the side of the road, the priest and Levite asked, “What will happen to me if I help?” Dr. King said that was the wrong question.

When the Good Samaritan walked by—he asked the right question. “What will happen to HIM if I don’t help?”

We need to be asking the right question when it comes to the devastation from these hurricanes. We have heard the cries from Puerto Rico. The cries from places like Haiti have hardly been heard. “What will happen to them if we don’t help?”

Please help. CRF is working with Disaster Response Team in Texas to rebuild homes after the destruction of Harvey. We are helping in partnership with other relief efforts in the Florida Keys and Puerto Rico. We have our own group in Haiti helping with construction and water projects. You can donate, or you can volunteer and go to a site to help. — Milton Jones, CRF President