What’s in a Name?

It seemed like an easy question to answer. At least it was for me. Jared Odhiambo was asking all of the students at Alara High School, “What’s his last name?”

Really, it hadn’t been that long since I was there. But they couldn’t remember it exactly. So they all yelled out—“Milton Hope.”

Nope, it’s “Jones.” But if I were changing my name, that would be a good choice.

As you probably know, I always wear orange. It is the color of hope for AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. And I was wearing an orange shirt with the word “Hope” on it when Jared asked. Hope means that you have a joyful anticipation of the future.

Maybe it seems unlikely that AIDS orphans would have a lot of hope or think they have a bright future. But hope means that you think your power is bigger than your problem.

If you think your problem is bigger than your power—you have no hope.

If you think your power is bigger than your problem—you have hope.

And these students have been taught everyday by their CRF teachers that they have the power of the Resurrection in their lives which is bigger than any problem they face.

Whether it is through spiritual knowledge, food, water, or education — CRF is bringing hope to thousands of children not only in Kenya but around the world.

“Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”
— Proverbs 23:18 —

All of us get disappointed when people can’t remember our names. But if you can’t remember “Jones”—“Hope” will do.

— Milton Jones