This is a post from Larry Wu on his trip to Central America.

Esteban Valle taught me the real meaning of the word, “Adiós” yesterday. If you know him, you know he knows a lot about a lot of subjects. He said it is a contraction of a longer string of words. I guess our latest generation isn’t the only one to shorten their communication blurbs. That string of words is, “A Dios vais” or “To God you are going.” It was meant as a blessing to a traveler and in effect it was intended to let someone know that you are wishing God travel with them. It is a nice sentiment, much better than just “goodbye” (which probably means the same in olde English).

So when he said it to me at the airport in Managua, it had a special meaning to me. I really feel as if God is with me after spending two weeks seeing how our CRF workers in Central America really put God first as they serve all the kids in the CRF programs. Through their faith and their love for me, I know God will answer the prayers they said over me. I traveled with Esteban and Christian Toruno every day for two weeks. They went with me wherever I was to go. They translated for me, they made me laugh, and they made sure we got where we were supposed to be. I could not have accomplished much without their help, assistance, and generosity. It is weird for me to feel helpless, and even weirder to be served so selflessly. I am not used to that.

God did get us safely through so many difficult travel conditions. I love the spirit of the people here…they suffer without complaining. They are used to being uncomfortable as they travel. They know how to handle the hot, dry, and then the hot, humid weather…sometimes in the same day. They are a patient, generous, hard-working, and faithful people. After two weeks in the cities and countryside of Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, it is hard for me to hear the loudness of English as I sit here in the waiting area of the airport. This is the sign that my trip is over. My brain is quickly converting from a placid, even-tempo of Central American rhythm, to that staccato of a faster-paced life in the U.S.

I pray that God stays with me.