What challenges do you go through on a daily basis? We tend to stress out over things that may not be that big of a deal. But when you hear of Bosco Mukholi’s daily challenges, it may prompt you to rethink your own life. Bosco is our CRF director in Mbale, Uganda.

A woman recently died in Mbale, leaving her eight children behind. Fearing that the children wouldn’t be well taken care of by their father, Bosco and his wife Nancy visited the family’s house. Upon seeing the children’s condition, they took three of the youngest children home with them for their safety. 

The widowed father forced his other five children to go to work instead of attending school. In order to save the children from child labor,  Bosco went to the police who helped him gain emergency custody of two more of the children. The children were in need of rehabilitation because of the trauma they had experienced. Bosco became their counselor.  

Mbale Field Director, Bosco Mukholi

Finally, Bosco was able to bring the other three children into his home with additional help from the police. He welcomed them to his already crowded home, and gave them love, care, and protection. 

The father of the children soon remarried another woman and disappeared. As a result, all eight of his children are now left with Bosco and Nancy to raise. It is certainly a better situation, but it puts all kinds of pressure on Bosco.   To unexpectedly have eight more children to raise along with your own children is quite daunting—especially when Bosco has been going through many ailments himself, including paralysis of his arm.

So Bosco said, “These are the challenges I go through on a daily basis.” He told me that he had to learn to put aside his own sickness and pay attention to the desperate needs of children in Uganda.  Bosco wanted me to tell CRF donors how much he appreciates you because he could not help these children without your support. 

Keep praying for Bosco’s kids. And you may want to thank God that the challenges you go through on a daily basis are usually not on the scale of Bosco’s. 

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