No, they didn’t.

It’s not quite “Deflategate,” but it is quite a controversy over in Nairobi and Eldoret, Kenya.

In Kenya, students must take a national exam to move forward in their education and show the quality of their education. As you can imagine, this puts all kinds of pressure not only on students but also on schools. And so much of the educational system revolves around the preparation for these tests.

Suzy Peacock is our high school outside of Eldoret, Kenya. More has been invested in this school than any educational center in CRF history. It has existed for only four years, yet it is one of the best schools in Kenya as you will see in our big dispute.

What happened? Educational authorities in Nairobi have accused Suzy Peacock of cheating. Why? They made the highest scores in the country on their national exams. They were much better than anyone else. So what did the system conclude? They must have stolen the national exam and had it in advance to do so well on the test.

But they didn’t. They are just that smart. I’m so proud of these students. Just a few years ago so many of them were AIDS orphans simply hoping to go to school. The odds were stacked against them, and they didn’t have much of a chance to have the funds to go to school. Even if they did, they wouldn’t get into a good school because of their background.

But they were sponsored. Suzy Peacock was built. And now the best of the best are these kids from the slum. And when you look for premiere schools, you can think of CRF.

We are sure that the truth will be discovered. Our kids are intelligent. Our kids are honest. And if they take the test again, they will still be at the top.