Dry bone without any flesh. How would you like to go to that church? Since many churches are known by where they meet, our new church on Mt. Elgon came to be known as the Chepkowo Church. Yes, Chepkowo is the location. And Chepkowo means “dry bone without any flesh.”

What do you have in common with other people at your congregation? The core group at Chepkowo all saw their husbands killed on the same day through brutal violence. At first, they were brought together by their common grief and bitterness. But because of the gospel, their hearts are being transformed.

Peter distributing Bibles

Chepkowo Church meets at the bottom of a Simotweet tree, a huge tree noted for its milk-like sap. Previously, this was the killing tree where gangs and soldiers would gather to discuss their raids of violence and the people they would murder. Now charts are posted on the Simotweet tree that explain who Jesus is and His plan of salvation.

In the first church service there, eleven people gave their lives to the Lord. Twenty became Christians during the second service. The victims of war who are attending Chepkowo have never set foot in a church building before. Rebellious and unforgiving killers–not Christians–have set the tone in this place for many years. Now these very killers are asking for Bibles. And CRF is distributing them. Peter Marangach, our CRF director on Mt. Elgon, is now preaching at this church.

Peter distributing Bibles

“Currently we are worshiping right under this Simotweet tree. We have made this place to be a holy ground to worship God! The blood of Jesus has washed all the evil planning that was done under this milk tree!” Peter stated.

The Chepkowo area has been crying out for years and registering with the government for assistance in their poverty. They told us that no one has ever helped until CRF showed up with food, Bibles, wheelchairs, and Jesus.

Peter also said, “Thanks to God, a dry bone, Chepkowo, has accepted Jesus as their Saviour! God’s word is going to be the flesh for their eternal life!”

I’m thinking they may want to change their name.

UPDATE | 8-24-2020

CRF received an updated about Chepkowo Church from Peter Marangach:

God is doing wonders here! Many converts attended our church service today in very big numbers. We borrowed chairs from the neighbors until there were no more! Others opted to comfortably sit on the ground. They were so happy to follow through my teachings with their Bibles! Today 41 believers attended our service!

I’m glad to echo all the joy that we had here under a milk tree and in Heaven, according to LUKE 15:7. Mzee Symon today gave his life to Jesus and we baptized him!

His baptismal brought prophesy in EZEKIEL 37:1-6 to reality. Now the dry bone (chepkowo) got a new name… From today all believers agreed to change the name from Chepkowo Church of Christ to Simotweet Church of Christ!

Many are lined up for baptism next Sunday and days to come….. currently were teaching them first to understand word of God before they make personal decisions!

Praying hard God to open ways to build a church to save these souls!