It wasn’t exactly the picture you were expecting to see when Giovana, one of our CRF sponsored children in León, Nicaragua, was asked to hold up a picture of her sponsors.

Yes, it was Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

There’s hardly anyone busier or more popular in the television industry right now than the Robertsons. But they aren’t too busy to help children. 

In fact, the family of Duck Dynasty was helping CRF for a long time before their TV popularity.

They not only sponsor children in Nicaragua but have also participated on regular mission trips to our CRF site in Neyba, Dominican Republic.

We hope you will join the Robertsons and sponsor children through CRF. Maybe you don’t have a long beard, but your sponsored child would love to receive a picture from you anyway. And with CRF you can make visits and mission trips to see your children and our works face to face just like the Duck Dynasty folks!

America loves Duck Dynasty—but our children who don’t even have televisions love them too for their generosity.

Thanks Duck Dynasty!

You don’t have to be famous
to change a child’s life!

Sponsor a child today!