Children LOVE their sponsors!

Here are some inspiring stories of Kenyan sponsored children from our Kenya Director, Emily Whelchel.

Computer (what a great name!) is sponsored by my cousin, Juliana. Computer lives thousands of miles from her sponsor, but she carries her wallet-sized photo in a small plastic bag with her everywhere she goes.

Computer is an orphan, so she feels so loved to have someone to pray for her and provide for her needs.


Teressa was in 8th grade and unsponsored. Teressa’s parents had both died in a war, and we didn’t know that she was being abused by her current guardian. One day at school her teacher found a note that said “My life is hell. God hates me. I don’t want to live anymore.” Shortly before she was going to take her life, our CRF director rescued her and got her a place to board at our school.  She is now in high school.

If you even mention the name of her sponsor, a big smile breaks out on Teressa’s face.


When Ivone was a small girl, rebels came to her home and murdered her family.  Her parents’ blood covered her so that the murderers thought she was also dead.  Ivone was able to survive with only an injury to her eye.  Now Ivone is thriving because she is able to board at a CRF school and receive nutritious food.

Thanks to a sponsor who loves her, Ivone is currently doing well in school.