Who was your favorite teacher? No matter how long you have been out of school, almost everyone will be able to remember one or two special teachers who gave their time, care and energy to make an impact on their lives. The best teachers inspire us to grow into the fullness of who we were created to be and to use our gifts to pass that blessing on to others.

That’s why it’s so inspiring as the school year starts back in the United States to think of the many teachers and staff currently working in our CRF programs—especially those who were once sponsored children themselves. The support these incredible men and women received through their sponsors, teachers and program directors have helped them grow up with a passion to help the next generation grow up like Jesus grew in Luke 2:52.

Elisha Ouma, a recent graduate of CRF’s sponsorship and university program in Kenya, has just joined the staff of our Elaine Nesbitt High School! He will be teaching English Literature and is honored by the opportunity to help students just like him be successful communicators, advocates and leaders in their future communities.

Nairobi Batista de Aquino in the Dominican Republic was supported by CRF to become a medical doctor. Now she not only works to improve the health of her entire community, but she also volunteers her time to provide regular health checks for all of the children in our D.R. program.

Kevin Juma from Kenya grew up in CRF’s sponsorship program and has just joined our team in the neighboring country of Uganda where he will serve as school chaplain and teach Bible courses. Incredibly, the school where Kevin is teaching was built in the memory of his late sponsor, Ken Welke. What an amazing legacy!

Josue Granera has been a part of the CRF community since he was first sponsored in 2001 at the age of 8. We were so excited to bring him on recently as our assistant director in León, Nicaragua.Josue helps manage our entire León program, but he also tutors children after school where he teaches good citizenship and other life skills.

Want to help a child grow up like Jesus?