Amida Adeya could definitely shout out—“I’m number one.” But it wouldn’t be what you think. Amida was the very first child sponsored in what is now called Judy Cates Premier School. In fact, her program identification number was KJC 001.

Amida was living a comfortable life in Kimilili with her parents and three siblings until something tragic happened. Her father died. Amida’s life at an elite boarding school ended quickly.

Amida was sent to live with her grandfather where ten other people lived in a little mud shack. Her grandfather wanted the best education for Amida and her siblings, but he just couldn’t afford it. He met Samson and Ruth Wanjila who had started a small school for the underprivileged. The Landmark School accepted Amida, but there wasn’t enough money to support her or the other kids in the school. On a trip to Kenya, I met Samson and Ruth. We decided that his school should become associated with Christian Relief Fund, and so we started sponsoring children. Amida Adeva was the first child sponsored. She was number one.

Our school there changed names a couple of times. Now it is called the Judy Cates Premier School, and it has been completely and beautifully rebuilt. After graduating from Judy Cates, Amida went to CRF’s Suzy Peacock High School in Eldoret.

And what did Amida do upon graduation from Suzy Peacock? She went back to help at the Judy Cates Premier School. She is going to become a social worker at the school. She wanted to give back to the very system that supported her. Don’t you love that? Amida, we think you are number one!