When we give to children and needy people, don’t you hope they catch the spirit of giving themselves? Well, they certainly have in Metkei, Kenya.

Three years ago CRF drilled a water well at the Josh Wood School in the mountains of Metkei. It has not only served our school but also the community at large. However, the scope of the well simply didn’t reach the Metkei Girls’ High School because of the distance. This meant that nearly 800 girls did not have access to clean water. And some of our CRF sponsored children attended this school. 

Our CRF pupils at the Josh Wood School decided to start their own charity. They only had a small amount, but they saved what they could. With their savings, they have hired a milk tanker to deliver water from their school to the high school that needs water. In this area, there is no water truck—so the milk truck carrying water is the perfect solution. 

Because of the drought, the river that had previously supplied the high school has dried up. With this new delivery system, over thirty thousand liters can be transported daily to the needy girls in the high school.

We love the way this problem was solved. CRF donors gave to drill a well. And then the recipients of the water gave their money to share water with others.