To some people he is known as the guy who picked the flavors for Starbucks Coffee. To others, he is the one who invented the McGriddle.

But at CRF, we will always know Larry Wu as the one who loves children.

Over the last few years, Larry has been serving as CRF’s Vice President of Field Operations and especially focusing on Africa. Now he is going back to Seattle to pursue some of his other interests. Larry expressed to me how excited he was to be back in the same city with his family. He also told me that he was so thankful that he had the opportunity to work for his very favorite charity and will stay actively involved in CRF in various ways. We are already planning a trip to Africa next summer!

I have known and loved Larry since he was a college student at the University of Washington. There is no one else like him. It’s always an adventure when you are with Larry. He is a life of the party guy and fun to be around. But ultimately, he is always asking us to join him for the festivities at the party of the Lord.

Larry is a legend, and all of us love him. God will continue to have great plans for the one and only Larry Wu. I’m thankful for all he has done for CRF and our children. We could think of nothing better to honor Larry (and he loved the idea) than drilling a much-needed water well on Emmanuel’s Farm to bring life to the needy orphans there.  That’s what Larry is all about.