Hello, I am Hazell Patricia Chacón Ruiz. I was born on September 12nd, 1991 in Managua, Nicaragua.

I am the daughter of Thelma María Ruiz Reyes and Marvin Chacón. I started pre-school at age 4 at a public school that was just few blocks from home. Despite the many economic difficulties that my family faced, I always got good grades.

When I was 6 years old, my dad died. My mom worked hard, day and night, to support me not only materially but also spiritually. While she was working outside the house, my grandmother would take care of me.

When I was 11 years old, I completed elementary school.

When I turned 12, I was baptized and got on God’s road. It has not been easy, but He has strengthened me enormously.

Later that year, I was enrolled in the CRF program at Managua, Nicaragua. At home I was facing some economic difficulties that prevented me from continuing my studies. I started receiving support from my CRF sponsors to whom I am very grateful. To this day I pray to God for them that they may continue blessing other children like me who are going through difficult financial times. I was very happy to receive the support as it meant the possibility to continue my studies and become a professional.

At age 13 I moved to high school. I thank God, my family and the CRF program because I completed my high school studies with honors for having excellent grades.

After completing high school, I took the admission test to the university and started my career to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

One day God allowed me to get into the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as an intern. After I completed my university studies, I was hired by this prestigious government institution.

Currently, I am completing my paperwork at the Supreme Justice Court of Nicaragua in order to get the title of Certified Lawyer in the Republic of Nicaragua. But I know that my story will not end here. I also want to pursue a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property and establish my own Law office.

Para Dios, lo imposible no existe.
For God, the impossible does not exist!

Blessings to all the sponsors that are part of this wonderful program that has helped thousands and thousands of children reach their dreams! – Hazell Patricia Chacón Ruiz