Wow, it’s beautiful!

Yes, our CRF building has been remodeled. And it is not only gorgeous—it has a great new purpose.

If you remember, a truck drove through our building last year and forced us to remodel. And through the ingenious design of architect Charles Lynch and builder Frank Alfonzo, a masterpiece has been created.

Our new CRF building reflects an international look to help people experience the way that we help children around the world. In fact, it is our goal to bring school children from the Panhandle of Texas into our building to teach them about poverty and life in the developing world.

Maybe the highlight of our remodel is the third world home. A house has been created to not only show how poor children around the world live but also what children receive when they are sponsored.


What does a sponsored child get?

  • A Bible (with spiritual training)
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Textbooks
  • a Bed
  • a Mosquito Net
  • Letters from their sponsor (with pictures)
  • Christmas presents
  • and so much more.

Our new display house shows how you change a child’s life when you sponsor them.

And to the side of our display are rows of children all waiting to be sponsored.

Our hope is that when people see these children, they will take one of their promos and fill it out on our table made from a water barrel which represents the water we are drilling for around the world.

We hope you will come see us at CRF and be motivated by our remodel. And you can sponsor one of the children too. If you can’t make it to the office, you can always sponsor a child online at!