If I evaluated our situation in Kenya, I would conclude that our biggest problem is our success…

We have saved so many children in the slums who would have otherwise died. And we have educated them very well. In fact, they are so smart that they are getting accepted into some of the country’s best secondary schools. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good longterm plan for raising so many orphans with incredible minds and a desire for further education.

In most cases CRF operates our own primary schools and the sponsorship fees from CRF are able to pay for the children’s primary education.

But when these children get older, we don’t have a secondary school for them and the cost of education is more than we can afford. The best answer is to have our own secondary schools that are more affordable and in line with the mission of CRF.  Obviously, we will have to build some schools to do this in some locations.

But in Kisumu, we have another option. We can buy into an existing secondary school called Oasis of Hope.
We would be partial owners. We would have a guarantee that all of our CRF children got into the school with reduced tuition. This seems like such a good way to start solving some of our educational problems.

Jerod Reep, a banker in Amarillo, just returned from Africa and is on a mission. He is starting the Oasis of Hope Challenge.

If we can get 60 people to give $1000, we could secure a place for further education for thousands of our children in the future.

Would you join him?

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