Do you ever wonder what happens to those animals you buy in our Christmas catalog? Well, one pig was bought last year for Jacqueline Toruno, the cook at our CRF school overseen by Freddy Gonzales near Managua, Nicaragua.

But the story doesn’t end there.

With Jacqueline’s first pig, she started a tamale business. (The pig provided the makings of tamales.) After selling the tamales, she used the proceeds to buy another pig. But there was some extra profit remaining, so she bought 200 bricks for a future house. This cycle has continued eleven times. Jacqueline has now bought 12 pigs turning them into tamales and bricks for her house. She now has 2000 bricks!

With another 1000 bricks, Jacqueline will have enough for a house. It will take just over a year until her house is built, and then her pig profits will be available for other things.

If you bought a pig, you probably didn’t think you were starting a business. But all pig purchases don’t work out in the same way.

The family of Diego Silva, a CRF sponsored child, was given a pig. But the pig caused injury and created unsanitary conditions. And then Diego got extremely sick. When Diego got sick, the pig had to be sold to pay for his medical expenses and save his life.

We asked Diego’s dad if he wanted another pig. He said that pigs just had not worked out well for his family — except for selling them to save Diego. But he said that he dreamed of raising chickens. Chickens are a lot cheaper, and a bunch of donors had already given us money for Christmas to buy them.

Christian Toruno, one of our CRF directors in Leon, bought him some chickens and taught him how to raise them. Pigs didn’t make a hit with the family—but chickens were the ticket. Now Lorenzo Silva, Diego’s dad, has a great new business raising and selling poultry. And after just a few months, Lorenzo is on his second cycle. Yes, he has sold his original chickens, bought more and has some profit to help his family.

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