By sponsoring a child through CRF, you can save lives and give amazing opportunities to children who have very little chance of breaking free from the chains of poverty.  Sisi Margoth Urbina, a sponsored child in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is an incredible testament to the power of your support.  Our Honduras program director sent this short story about Sisi, and we want to share it with you.

Sisi Margoth Urbina is a child that comes from very limited economic resources. She lives with her mother, 2 brothers and 10 extended family members in her grandparents’ small house.

Sisi is in the 6th grade and she has had excellent academics since preschool. In the last 3 years her averages have been in the high 90% range. Due to her high grades and her attitude, she was elected “President of Honduras” for a day. It was an activity that the Presidency of the Republic created as an incentive for elementary students to achieve academic excellence, civic values and high morals.

Sisi was able to visit the president’s office, meet him and sit behind his desk.  This was a great honor that would not have been possible for Sisi without the great help of her CRF sponsor.

When she grows up, Sisi wants to be a Sunday School teacher and her dream is to study medicine and become a doctor so she can help her family and the members of the church.

We are grateful for the great help CRF sponsors are providing for so many children around the world and we are hopeful for a bright future for Sisi and the rest of the children here in Tegucigalpa.

As you can see, a sponsor’s small, monthly sacrifice has helped a child born into poverty overcome her situation.  Stories like these are echoed in the thousands of CRF sponsored children.

You can make a difference in a child’s life today.   If you want to sponsor a child through CRF, visit our website: