We think you will love this talk given by Elina, a sponsored child at Oasis of Hope High School in Kisumu, Kenya. The prayer, friendship and financial support that sponsors give their children make an impact that is impossible to overemphasize. By helping children find their talents through education, sponsors give the lasting gift of hope!

A sponsor is someone who agrees to pay money to support a person so they can succeed and reach higher heights in education and talent. Sponsorship impacts the lives of students in three ways.

EDUCATION. Many people go to school through the support given by CRF sponsors. In most cases, after they finish their education, they give back to society. Sponsorship has shown me that no one can tell me I can’t succeed. I have grabbed this opportunity to get an education and make good use of it. I won’t look at where I came from and say I can’t do great things. I am determined and I know what kind of life I want to live in the future. Students, when sponsorship gives you the chance to be educated, do your best so that you will become a great person.

TALENT. Through sponsorship, so many people have been able to establish their talents. They have been nurtured and shown how to earn a living through their talents and abilities. People in my community often give up because they feel like they are useless and cannot see any hope. When someone steps in to support them and believes these students can make it in life, they can really go far. One day these sponsored children might be recognized internationally by their talents.

HOPE. Every day, people lose hope and do not think they can make it anywhere in life. These people are widows, orphans, and the less fortunate. Sponsors are here to help them. CRF was established in 1971 with the aim of giving hope to the hopeless.

Even the color of CRF, orange, stands for providing hope for orphans in Kenya. Christian Relief Fund has given hope to many. They help the hopeless in my society. Widows in my community have learned how to earn a living without having to depend on others for the rest of their lives. Children are going to school. Since I have been sponsored, I have a uniform to wear, food to eat every day, and clean water to drink. If I get sick, I can go to the doctor. My life has changed, thanks to sponsorship.

My advice to everyone who has gotten a chance to be sponsored is that you make good use of this chance you have been given. It’s a God-given gift, and opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime. Be disciplined and work hard in all that you do. Do not look at where you come from and despise yourself. You are capable of changing whatever you are going through. Just like Lupita Nyong’o said when she was receiving an Oscar award, “No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid, and you should never ever give up, no matter the circumstances.”

Most of all, remember the Almighty God, for it is by His grace and love that you have made it this far. Make your sponsors know that you are worth being given that chance. May God bless CRF and all sponsors. I am so thankful for my sponsor, who has believed that I will achieve something great in my life. – Elina Anyango Odhiambo, Oasis of Hope High School, Grade 11