No, we are not hiring right now.

Yes, I was trying to get your attention.

But we do need a lot of help.

I guess you could say we messed up. I guess you could say I messed up. I guess you could say we were let down. But the end of the story is that a lot of children need help.

When we first began our work in Eldoret, Kenya—I was sitting in a room of 150 AIDS orphans. All of them needed to be sponsored. I didn’t know in the beginning if we had the leadership there to do a CRF program. So I told them that we would try a program with 30 children and if it worked, we would expand.

Then I noticed two very big problems. How do you pick 30 children and leave 120 behind? And how do you not give false hope to the children who are waiting to be sponsored? So I decided then and there that I would only sign up potential children to be sponsored and take their pictures if I thought I could get them sponsored in the very near future.

I didn’t want to give false hope to children. I didn’t want them to think they were getting sponsored when it might not happen or it might not happen soon.

We know about how many children get sponsored every month. So we always have about three months of children to be sponsored and then constantly add to them in such a way for children not to wait a long time or get false hope—until recently.

Something happened that made us think we were going to get a huge amount of new sponsors. So we got ready and got hundreds and hundreds of children ready. We even started a new work. But then it didn’t happen. And we have hundreds and hundreds of children waiting longer than we like them to wait. They have a lot of hope—and we so much don’t want it to be false hope.

So we need help. Would you like to work for CRF? We need your help in getting some children sponsored. You might already sponsor children. But can you help us spread the word about the needy children around the world?

Can you tell a friend or relative about how they can sponsor a child online?  – Milton Jones, CRF President