Christian Relief Fund started a new program in Kimilili, Kenya this past July. Milton had heard about Kimilili and visited this impoverished area in the spring, and wanted to bring help. He found a small school with a bunch of orphans. These children had lost a parent or both parents to either HIV/AIDS or through tribal conflict.

Their school was made from sticks, stones and mud, and was falling apart. The latrine was collapsing, and there seemed to be no end to the poverty they faced.

It was started by a young couple, Samson and Ruth Wangila who had a calling to minister to these poor children. So I went there in July to help get the program off the ground. I found out that the school had a very grandiose name. The Lurare Premier School. In Kenya, the use of the word, “premier” means it is an academy of very high standard, with elite status and the very best teachers. This was far from it, but I do like the idea of setting the bar high.  I couldn’t promise them much, but we prayed that we would soon find sponsors for the 60 or so orphans. Besides the orphans, there are another 65 or so impoverished kids who cannot afford to attend public school, so they are attending this private, Christian school. Samson has big plans for that place. He can see an academy of high standing with a  beautiful permanent school house. He can see land that we can farm to feed the children, and he can see the lives of the children transformed.

He told me, “If you cannot see it, you cannot reach it.”

Our sponsors are great, and soon we started finding sponsors for the orphans. When God wants something to happen, it happens. Things moved very quickly for us, and we soon had 26 children sponsored. We had a special “Goat Day” where the children and staff each received a goat. We also purchased a cow for milk, and chickens for eggs.

One of the first girls sponsored, Faith Sikala, just sent us a Christmas card from all the children to tell us how much they appreciated our help. I wanted to share their sentiments here.

“Dear CRF Staff,
You have looked upon us how Christ would look at us. We thank you for your giving hearts. We know our Christmas will be different. God bless you all. It will be fun here this Christmas…Amen
From the Children at Lurare Premier School”

I think this message is really for our sponsors and donors. You are changing lives one child (and one goat) at a time. You have given them hope for their future and you have given them a very Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your generosity and care.

These cards are the best kinds of presents we can get here at the CRF office this busy time of the year.

We are reminded by a young girl that what we do matters, and matters eternally. It adds a spring to our step and a tear to our eye when we think about how life is changing for 26 orphan children in Kimilili.  We already have half of the children sponsored!

There is more good news coming in the New Year for Ruth, Samson, the staff and children of Lurare Premier School… Stay tuned.

I think this would be a perfect spot to bring a team of short term missionaries. Anyone interested?  Let us know!