The Club — Drinking alcohol and fighting were about all that was happening in a town called “The Club.” It was named after what is commonly known as an “elder’s club,” which is a stick with a big knot on the end of it that is perfect for clobbering someone over the head.

Francis Bii, our CRF director in Eldoret, grew up in this village in Kenya. His parents gave him alcohol for his breakfast every morning. There was so much unnecessary violence in this community that the nearest hospital in another town refused to take care of them.

The chief brewer and the source of all the booze was William. The mischief of the village stemmed from his influence. In the history of the community, Francis Bii found the Lord, and his first church plant was in The Club. To everyone’s surprise, William began to attend this church plant. Next, he gave his life to Christ. His family also started going to church. And now he is an elder at the church there. And his son, Patrick has become our CRF director in Tarakwa.

The entire town followed William’s direction and cleaned itself up. The name of the town now has changed. It is no longer called “The Club.”

It is now “Samabul” meaning “fruitful.”

CRF now has a wonderful school in Samabul for orphans and destitute children. And last month we opened a new dining hall and kitchen at our school.

Names mean a lot.

And the stories behind names even mean more.



Nakwei — Usually I call this place “Nakwei.” The town is in the African desert of Turkana. Nakwei means hyenas. It refers to all the hyenas that show up to eat dead animals and people who have died of thirst. This is the worst drought in my lifetime.

The real name of this place in Turkanan is Alyanaakiar which means “streams of death.” Everything was dying in this place.

CRF recently drilled a water well here, planted a church, and built a school. This all resulted in a name change.

The new name of this town is Aiyanaigaton which means “streams of life.”

That’s what you CRF donors do—change a stream of death into a stream of life. Thanks a trillion times!

– Milton Jones